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19 December 2014

The 2015 Progress series

When you look at design, the progress and impress wetsuits are opposites but the technology used for both is simply awesome!

17 December 2014

Be the chosen one on the Jobe Prophecy kneeboard

The Jobe Prophecy kneeboard is the most stable kneeboard in its range, riders of all levels will appreciate its stability.

16 December 2014

Get ready for Christmas!

Ho Ho Ho hold on, it’s almost Christmas! The warmest and coziest time of the year which certainly cannot go without loads of Christmas presents.

12 December 2014

We canít get enough of the Jobe Omnia!

A few months ago Jobe realesed the all new Omnia board as you might have noticed. If you did not, don’t worry, we’ll keep talking about this board all...


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Apache 3P

The Apache is a dual use towable that can be used as an inflatable canoe! Take 3 riders for a wild ride or let them break off and explore!

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