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18 October 2014

Product in the spotlight: Charter Tube

Are you looking for a superfast and thrilling ride? Look no further, invite your friends, have fun and remember don’t let go of the handles!

17 October 2014

Brand new Jobe Boating website

The Jobe Boating website just had a huge makeover to prepare it for the 2015 season. Click your way through the new website and discover what’s new!

16 October 2014

Europe & Africa Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships 2014

The European Wakeboard and Wakeskate Championships will take place this year from the 20th to 26th of October at Lake Montargil in Portugal...

13 October 2014

Jobe keeps models and bloggers warm during triatlon

Let’s Brand 2gether a new concept by BloggerNet, Modellist-id and O&ganic is a sports project where three teams were trained for the Amsterdam...


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Welcome to the team Paul Johnston

Paul Johnston (better known in the industry as "PJ") joined the international Jobe Boat Wakeboard team! We shot a short introduction video of him during the annual Lake Garda meeting of Paul ripping the boat!

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