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Back in it! Just got my new Jobe gear and couldn't be more pumped with the direction we're headed in for 2014. Product is the best its ever been and I'm confident that things will only get better from here. I'm riding the Conflict 138 for 2014 and it's been my favorite all around board in our line-up so far. It has perfect flex for rails and a sharp but forgiving edge to help launch some huge air-tricks. Its also great for kickers since the landing is so soft which is always a big plus to help my poor knees cope with the abuse I put them through. Enough writing, time to get on the water! If you get a chance try the Jobe Conflict; you wont be disappointed.

My year so far.... Well in Florida we don't really have a winter. So I'd say my off season has been amazing! Off shore fishing with my brothers and dad. Wakeboarding at OWC! And making little fun edits with my new Polaroid action camera! I wish I could say more about what my new year is so far, but it's honestly so relaxing that i don't have much to say! Ummmm I'm going snow boarding this Saturday in New York :)!

Hi all,

So lately it has been quiet for me when it comes to wakeboarding. I had some winter sessions at Berendonck cable in Holland every now and then on Sundays. It's pretty cold and short but so much fun anyway!! These days I do more of inline skating to get some extreme stuff going on and also hit the gym to stay in shape. Besides all this I was helping out Jobe last month at Boot Dusseldorf Germany. This was a great experience to finally have seen it! I met a lot of people and gave some good advice. The whole set up was awesome and was filled up with lots of cool stuff!

For now, I'm gonna be off the water more then on, but I would like to plan a trip for next month or the month after hopefully be able to ride at a cool place soon! Stay tuned.


So this month has been really odd for me. As you know most of the UK has had some crazy rain and most of the cable parks have been closed due to flooding. Normally this means game over for a few weeks at least. But thanks to Hannam's Wake Hub for lending me and Owen a winch!. We have been busy finding different spots to hit up. Its all really new to me and I'm loving being able to rock up anywhere and ride.

I also just got got back from the Jobe headquarters in Holland where I got to sit down with the team and start designing the graphics for my 2015 Pro model! Other than that I've been working and planning for the up and coming year. I'm really excited for this year and I've got some big plans!

Cheers Guys and Happy Shredding :)

Taylor has a busy start of 2014!

Taylor has a busy start of 2014!

By:Taylor McCullough
These past few months have been pretty crazy! I'm stoked to have signed with the Jobe team, it's an amazing opportunity for me to start fresh! I've been traveling to Florida almost every weekend while still going to school through the week. I've been riding a ton behind boat and also cable. I've been working on a couple new tricks and getting others consistent. I've taken the last two weeks off to spend time and home during Christmas break with my friends and family. Being gone so much it's always fun to take a little break and chill! These last few days of break I got to head out to Utah to snowboard with guys from which is also one of my new sponsors! It's fun to change it up a little bit, from the water to the snow! But I'm super excited to be able to get back to Florida next weekend and get back on my wakeboard!

-Taylor McCullough


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