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Hi everyone,

I hope you guys are having a great summer! Mine is pretty good so far, this is the first summer I am not just focusing on my skiing but I actually need to work and ski at the same time. I'm getting used to this new rhythm. I also created a crowdfunding project, which objective is to help me finance a part of my season in order for me to qualify and be ready for at least top 5 at the Worlds Championship next year. In fact, now that I am working I can almost pay my whole season by myself, trainings, entry fees, travelling, the ski season is still really expensive. So the money I earn will help me pay for the entry fee for tournaments which allows me to be in top 15 on the world ranking this year which is the criteria to qualify for Worlds. By supporting me in this project you will help me be top 5 next year at the Worlds Championship held in Italy. You could be part of my dream!
I had a tournament last weekend in Florida and I jumped 51.8m, slalomed 1.5@12m and tricked 6950 points which are good sign for me to keep working and be part of the top 5 next year.
So how does this project works? You can visit the following website.

And click "soutenez ce projet" then you can donate the amount you like, even the smallest amounts are welcome. And depending on the amount you give you get something such as a signed picture or bib or a discount on a ski, wakeboard, tube set at Sun force, St Tropez in France. You can also win a free meal at a great restaurant in south of France. For more info visit the website :) My next tournament is a pro event in Michigan the first week end of august, so wish me luck !



Maxine takes on the competitions!

Maxine takes on the competitions!

By:Maxine Sapulette
Season has fully started and I am pretty much just wakeboarding at the moment..
I had three competitions so far, tel aviv I became 2nd, in Belgium there was also an international comp and I won it:) then there was the world FISE. Which was my first time, I think around 8 competitors along my best friends Courtney angus and Cosima Giemza I became 3rd place, really stoked and proud since it's a hard set up and the other girls killed it out there!!
After the FISE I had a really fun week with the Jobe team to shoot the new products for 2015!

For now I'm gonna be training a lot for the World Cup which will be in china end of July. But before that still lots of competitions to do and also a demo in Mallorca at the new system park!!! Good things to come, keep you updated. Cheers

April has been an awesome month! Hopefully you saw my social media posts, already. I was so happy to win the wake games. I hand selected each member of the team during the draft, and each of them paid off! On top of that, making it through all the way to finals and having a stand up run was a great feeling. Having the new SA 550 makes training at home so much better.

I'm currently on my way to Brazil and can't wait to ride in the World Series contest this next weekend. This is gonna be another awesome season. Make sure you check for the finals airing on NBC soon.

thanks for your support.


Off to a great start!

Off to a great start!

By:Maxine Sapulette
First of all I got to start the season with a sick wakeboard trip - the Jobe Warriors tour. Me, Julian and Declan flew out to Thailand with our camera guy Robbin Mazurel and we travelled to three different cable parks: Thai wake park, anthem wake park and Phuket wake park!! This whole journey was crazy fun and influential to me. After twelve days we all went back home and then in Europe the season finally started here, slowly cable parks are opening.

Then my home cable waterski Twente that opened up! And I was standing there with all the Jobe gear for people to test. It was good weather, lots of people, DJ and everybody just so happy cause season started again. Great fun and overall a good day.

A week after the opening of a pretty new cable park at Zeumeren occured. I’ve taken the Jobe van filled with boards and bindings for everyone to test! The weather was great Hopefully the weather will be as good as last week. Looking forward to it!

Besides test events I go ride every day if cable is open and try new tricks every time I go. Just so happy I can ride all the time again :)


Chocolate and Comp

Chocolate and Comp

By:Chloe Goudie
It’s the Easter weekend and I had a lot going on….. mainly eating loads of chocolate but I managed to fit the first competition of the year in there as well ;) It was also the first ranked comp of the year called Spring into Season down at JB Ski and is always fun to see everyone and have a little fun. I’d been down for a practise during the week which went well and so felt ready for the day and this showed as I managed to qualify first straight through to the finals!! However it didn’t go quite as planned in the finals and I fell on my first run and messed up my second run a little but still got 2nd place in open women and I was less than a point off 1st place!! My Jobe teammate Lottie Harbottle also got herself a 2nd in junior ladies which was good to see.

My next competition will be the Europeans in Poland so from now on I will be training for that down at my home cable WakeMK and also at the British Team Camps around the country.


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