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 Florida training

Florida training

By:Nancy Chardin

I hope you guys are doing good. Last time I wrote a blog I was in Courchevel, snowskiing. So I stayed in the mountains until the first of February. After that I left France and I went to Florida.
I've been here for three weeks now. It has been really nice, warm weather, perfect conditions to ski. I've been training pretty hard because I'm leaving for Australia next Tuesday. I'll have three pro tournaments there. The first one will be Moomba Masters and the next weekend I will participate in the World Cup. Also I will participate in a jump pro tournament with a night final which should be fun. I'm really excited for this trip! Those tournaments are pretty early in the season, so it's not easy, lot of pressure. No time to chill or start the season easy. I set some weekly goals in order to be as ready as I can for those tournaments. This is now my last week of training before this crazy month of tournaments, so I'm having a mix of emotions. I'm really excited to go there but also nervous because I didn't have much time to train.
I will keep you up to date about my championships.



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