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Jobe Athletes

International Wakeboard Team

Jobe Athletes - Julian Cohen

Julian Cohen

Jobe Athletes - Declan Clifford

Declan Clifford

Jobe Athletes - Maxine Sapulette

Maxine Sapulette

Jobe Athletes - Austin Hair

Austin Hair

Jobe Athletes - Efi Levi

Efi Levi

Jobe Athletes - Rocco van Straten

Rocco van Straten

Jobe Athletes - Marc Shuster

Marc Shuster

Jobe Athletes - Taylor McCullough

Taylor McCullough

Jobe Athletes - Chloe Goudie

Chloe Goudie

Jobe Athletes - Kirsteen Mitchell

Kirsteen Mitchell


International Ski Team

International PWC Team

International Barefoot Team

Jobe Athletes - Mathijs Zielman

Mathijs Zielman


National Team

  • Wakeboard
  • Richie HineyRichie Hiney
  • Michael Nieuwerf Michael Nieuwerf
  • Sam de HaanSam de Haan
  • Andreas BöttcherAndreas Böttcher
  • Vanessa WeinhauerVanessa Weinhauer
  • Christian ZwartjesChristian Zwartjes
  • Adrian AbeckAdrian Abeck
  • Quentin DelefortrieQuentin Delefortrie
  • Titouan MichenotTitouan Michenot
  • Aurelien DolhetAurelien Dolhet
  • Dale CrosleyDale Crosley
  • Candice BoissonCandice Boisson
  • Alice BoissonAlice Boisson
  • Moti LeviMoti Levi
  • Jon DickeyJon Dickey
  • Ariano BlanikAriano Blanik
  • Tommy SwaanTommy Swaan
  • Jorrit LindersJorrit Linders
  • Quentin ParlierQuentin Parlier
  • Yonel CohenYonel Cohen
  • Philipp TurbaPhilipp Turba
  • Richard SzépRichard Szép
  • Johan VikstromJohan Vikstrom
  • Herman Beliakov Herman Beliakov
  • Konstantin BuyanouskiKonstantin Buyanouski
  • Andrey KarakulkoAndrey Karakulko
  • Lottie Harbottle Lottie Harbottle
  • Alexandr Davidov  Alexandr Davidov
  • Ski
  • Richard Forrest Richard Forrest
  • Brett HodgkinsBrett Hodgkins
  • Stephen CritchleyStephen Critchley
  • Jelle SlotJelle Slot
  • Cyprien van HeuverswynCyprien van Heuverswyn
  • Jack CritchleyJack Critchley
  • Michale BriantMichale Briant
  • Steph GriffithsSteph Griffiths
  • James EarlJames Earl
  • Laska van der LetLaska van der Let
  • Freek SchoolFreek School
  • Luiza Charnyshova Luiza Charnyshova
  • PWC
  • Tom van der ValkTom van der Valk
  • Silke HummelSilke Hummel
  • Brad RickabyBrad Rickaby
  • Jason YoungJason Young
  • Niels WillemsNiels Willems
  • Jonathan KavanaghJonathan Kavanagh
  • Rainer EidnerRainer Eidner
  • Jennifer MénardJennifer Ménard
  • Burak ErverdiBurak Erverdi

A Platinum Dealer is a dealer which has a very large range of Jobe products. Besides working with Platinum Dealers, Jobe works with Gold Dealers and a lot of other dealers which offer a smaller range of Jobe products.
A Gold Dealer is a dealer which has an average range of Jobe products. Besides working with Gold Dealers, Jobe works with a lot of other dealers which offer a smaller range of Jobe products.
A Distributor is a wholesale business which represents the brand Jobe in the country concerned. The Distributor is responsible for her own dealer network and for all the Jobe activities which take place in that country.
A shop is a customer of a distributor. This shop buys Jobe products from the distributor and sells them in her shop. The range of products and what people offer varies per shop. You can contact the distributor for getting more information about these shops.