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Jobe's Next Tee Designer

Welcome on the contest page of Jobe’s Next Tee Designer

Always dreamed of becoming a T-shirt Designer?! Or just want to customize a T-shirt?!
This is the perfect opportunity!

Jobe challenges you to design a T-shirt. Men’s, Ladies or both, it’s your pick!

Design your own T-shirt and become Jobe’s next Tee Designer.

Get the chance to win:
- Jobe prize package
- Your own designed T-shirt
- Your show piece displayed in 100,000 catalogues spread worldwide
- Your T-shirt in the 2014 Jobe collection
- Your T-shirt sold in water sports shops all over the world
- Lots of love

Excited?! We thought so…

All you have to do is follow the steps below:
Step 1 Click on "Design Instructions" and read the design requirements.

Step 2 Click on "Design Instruments'’ to download the necessary files to get started.

Step 3 Create your own T-shirt meeting the design requirements.

Step 4 Click on "Upload Design", to upload your design and fill out your information.

Show off your graphic design talents by creating a one-of-a-kind Jobe T-shirt!
You can upload your design until the 27th of February.

There is no limit to the number of designs you can upload

A Platinum Dealer is a dealer which has a very large range of Jobe products. Besides working with Platinum Dealers, Jobe works with Gold Dealers and a lot of other dealers which offer a smaller range of Jobe products.
A Gold Dealer is a dealer which has an average range of Jobe products. Besides working with Gold Dealers, Jobe works with a lot of other dealers which offer a smaller range of Jobe products.
A Distributor is a wholesale business which represents the brand Jobe in the country concerned. The Distributor is responsible for her own dealer network and for all the Jobe activities which take place in that country.
A shop is a customer of a distributor. This shop buys Jobe products from the distributor and sells them in her shop. The range of products and what people offer varies per shop. You can contact the distributor for getting more information about these shops.