The sponsored Jobe / Jstar team of 2011 is complete!

24 February 2011
Jobe and Jstar proudly present the 2011 sponsored riders team. The brands succeeded to behold the established team and added some new talented athletes.

New talents
An example of two new team members are the ski riders Brett Hodgkins (United Kingdom) and Bojan Schipner (Germany)! These ski riders belong to the top of the European ski scene and are of value to the Jobe team. Other new faces in the team are: Moti Levi, Sam de Haan, Devi Sentrop, Loic Girard (Wakeboard), Antoine Goethals (Jetski) and Jelle Pieter Marco Slot (Ski).

Established names
As previously announced Jobe and Jstar succeed to behold some established names. Christian Koester is here a great example of. This cable wakeboard riders is one of the best cable riders in the world and will represent the Jobe and Jstar brand this year. Also Maxine Sapulette (Wakeboard), Mathijs Zielman (Barefoot) and Nancy Chardin (Ski) are part of the Jobe / Jstar team coming season.

The Jobe / Jstar team is already back in full training to achieve good results! Very promising!