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Jobe Cable Guide

Jobe continuously works hard at securing a dominant position in the worldwide wakeboard market. Last season a completely new Wake range was presented and more recently, big cable names like Efi Levi & Marc Shuster got signed to strengthen the Jobe Wake Team.

For the upcoming season Jobe already announced yet another innovated Wake lineup, and presented as many as three new shapes in the 2013 catalog! With international cable scenes continuing to grow, boards like the 2013 Liberty, Revolt, Brigade & Guerrilla have been produced to cater to the ever-increasing number of recreational cable park riders around the world.

To really hone in on this cable segment of wakeboarding in general, Jobe is proud to announce this season’s release of its very first Cable Guide! It is comparable to last year’s Wake Guide, but this addition to the 2013 catalog really focusses on Jobe’s cable boards and riders specifically. The Cable Guide offers an up-close look at Jobe’s park gear, and explains technical features of not only wakeboards, wakeskates and bindings, but vests and suits as well!

Click here for the Cable Guide

You can visit Jobe’s YouTube channel at www.youtube.com/JobeWatersports to view the already released Wake product clips. These are fun and informative bits on some of the most advanced wakeboards and bindings out there, presented by Jobe’s Wake Team riders!

Check back to stay tuned!

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