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Healthy snacks to go for your paddle tour

Paddle healthy

Paddling makes Hungry. Every hour spent paddling, you easily burn up to 600-700 calories, which makes a SUP board the best outdoor cardio machine.

The great thing about paddling is that you can plan long sup tours, to discover new places. A grand tour can easily take your hours of paddling. Make sure you don’t get to the hangry phase by burning too much calories and make sure you bring along some healthy snacks.

Below we’ve made a top 5 of healthy, nutritious and easy to prepare snacks you can bring along on your next SUP journey.

1. Bring a handful of nuts

Nuts are highly nutritious and are loaded with antioxidants. We can’t think of an easier snack to bring on tour. Make sure you eat your nuts unsalted #healthylife.

2. Smoothylicious
Are you a sweet tooth?! Bring a smoothie on board in your favorite travel cup. Strengthen your immune system and consume the vitamins.
We’ve made two special smoothie recipes for you:

Banana Ginger Heaven
½ banana
80gram vanilla yoghurt
½ tsp honey
¼ tsp ginger
Blend it and off you go.

Kiwi strawberry
1 cup strawberries
2 peeled kiwis
2 tablespoons sugar
2 cups of ice
Stuff your blender and go for it.

3. Wrap up and bring food
Wraps are easy to make, and awesome on the go food. Fill the wrap with ingredients – roll – pack – and bring.
Our personal favorite: salmon wrap
1 Wrap
1 spread some herb cheese over the wrap
add cucumber, salmon, arugula, capers
Enjoy your meal.

4. Eat your veggies
Chop some celery, cucumber and carrots, add hummus and off you go.
500gram veggies a day keep the doctor away.

5. Granola bar
Granola bars are generally composed of rolled oats, honey & dry fruit and are superb energy boosters to go for that extra mile on a sup. Granola bars are a great source of protein and fiber and reduce cholesterol.

Which snack are you going to take on your next SUP adventure?

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