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How to choose a wakeboard

18 march 2019
April is getting closer and that means that the watersports season in Europe is about to start again. Meet Paul Johnston, our European top-3 rider, who gives you some buying tips for your new wakeboard, to make sure you are ready to achieve the extraordinary this year. He also gives you his vision on his perfect board for behind the boat.

How to choose a wakeboard

What to look for in a board?

As a beginner there are some key things to look out for when choosing your new gear.

Where you do most of your riding, at a cable park or boat? For boat I would recommend a board with little or no flex. For cable riding you might want a board with flex and removable fins for the rails, and ABS sidewalls so your board can take a hit when you don’t get it quite right.

How tall or heavy you are will determine what length of board you should ride. A longer board suits heavier, taller riders because it has more surface area and the binding placement is a little wider for a more comfortable stance.

Do you like how it looks? You obviously have to love the graphics on your board and be proud to show it off to your friends!

I always say don’t just buy the most expensive board because you think it’ll make you better, faster, because it won’t. I guarantee that anyone can learn to get up, ride switch, land basic spins, wake-to-wake jump, even their first invert on any board.

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What about bindings? 

Again, where do you plan to ride, cable or boat? For boat, Jobe have a wide range of open or closed toe bindings or EVO style bindings, something to suit everyone! For cable riding, I would definitely recommend the EVO binding, so you can walk back to the dock in comfort and style! 

If you are sharing a board, with family or friends, open toe bindings give you a size range of 3 or 4 shoe sizes so people with different sized feet can use the same set. The same can be said for younger kids who are growing fast, open toe bindings are ideal because they will last a few years before you grow out of them. 
If your board is just for you, closed toe bindings provide more of a snug, shoe size fit. 

Again, the most expensive will not make you the best wakeboarder. But comfort is key when choosing bindings; you will never have fun when your feet hurt, so spending a little extra on mid to high-end boots is a good choice. 

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What size wakeboard to look for?

Are you an old school rider who loves to just send it and spend more time in the air? Whether it’s sending it of the wake behind your boat or just busting out raileys all day at the Cablepark, a smaller size would be the way to go.

Or are you the kind of rider that leaves no obstacle untouched in the parks? When you’re out in the park and want to spend full days on the water and need to save energy (or knees), a big board is the solution for those endless day on the water!

Read our full article explaining sizes

Why did I choose the Maddox?

I like to go as big as I can. And the thing I love most about the Maddox board is the straight up POP off the wake. This comes from it’s 3 stage rocker shape. There is no flex in the Maddox so for me the POP is predictable and consistent so you go big every time!

Another great feature is the rounded edge through the centre of the board combined with the 4 fins on the bottom. This makes the Maddox forgiving when you need it to be but locked in when you want it to be.

How to choose a wakeboard

See you on the water!
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