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  • Qualità e stile negli sport acquatici dal 1974

Prova SUP

So you want to “try before you buy" a SUP board right? We get that, which is why Jobe is working exclusively with “Jobe Test Centers” all around the globe!

These test centers will offer a test day on which you can drop by and test one of Jobe’s inflatable SUP boards. In order to make sure you have a SUP reserved for you, you can fill out the form below. Our Jobe Test Center will get this in their mail and they can arrange for you to have a SUP (all while keeping an eye on the max capacity in regards to the current COVID precautions).

Want to know when these test days take place, you can find a full overview below. When you see a date and location to your liking you can choose this location in the registration form below. Simply fill out your data below and pick a Test Center in your area and the test center will reach out to you for a recommended time.

If you are planning on testing with someone else, be sure to have this person also fill out a form. Jobe test centers can keep this in mind and ensure enough SUP boards and take precautions due to COVID. If you are feeling sick and have any symptoms, please contact the Jobe test center to cancel your appointment for the test. For each test session, we calculate one hour.
Sfortunatamente, non ci sono centri di test nel tuo paese. Ci dispiace!
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