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Development phase 3: the final version of the Venta

Final update about the Venta

One of the best things about creating a new product is seeing the final version in action. Now that the idea has evolved from concept phase to its first successful test, it is finally to take the final version on the water and test if it performs as intended. The name of this new allround multi-purpose board is Venta, named after the river in Latvia. We have done this on purpose: the Venta river has the wildest waterfalls of Europe. One of the styles that the Jobe Venta can be used for are on wild rivers for some white water SUP.

Anyway, it’s time for the final test: getting the final version of the Jobe Venta on the water! Without revealing too much, I can say that the board performed as I was hoping for! The sail that can be inserted on the board performed really well and doing windsurfing can be done easily.

Stay tuned for it’s release later this week and a video to see it in action . Below you can find the first footage of me setting up the board and sail!

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