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Itís all about impression

We all want to look good right?! Even when we are on the water!
That’s why we’ve made you a list ‘what to wear’ on your SUP to impress!

Discover series
Looking good on and off the water! With its unique dry function, the Discover sportswear, has a trendy and fashionable look to make sure you look stunning while you are discovering your city’s canals on your SUP. The best thing of this special SUP clothing is that you can discover the terraces in your city together with your friends without having to change your clothing! The Jobe Discover series are available for both men and women. They come in trendy shorts, cool-looking tank-tops and stylish long sleeves. Check out the full range here.

Turn into that sexy beach bum
Specially for the ladies and new in the Jobe range: the Honolulu wetsuit. A good looking sexy summer shorty that brings fashion to the wonderful world of wetsuits. Go out in style, throw out a shaka and enjoy the summer in style because this wetsuit turns every lady into a beach bum!

Neoprene fashion
Neoprene wearables have never looked this good! The Jobe neoprene wearables are stylish, comfy and warm. Perfect for use on a SUP because of their flex, to make sure you can paddle through the canals of your city and practice all your favorite yoga poses. One of our personal favorites is the Reversible Neoprene Legging.

Do you love to get all attention on the water? We got you covered! The Jobe Vienna This wetsuit comes in blazing red and is made to stand out! The Vienna is a comfortable and sexy shorty with a trendy design and a beautiful colorway. Not only does it look good, this shorty is a technical miracle. It utilizes the H2O lock to keep you warm and dry and it is extremely flexible so you are able to perform all your yoga-poses!

Emphasize your core-workout
When it’s hot outside, you don’t need to wear anything at all, except for a boardshort of course. if you’ve been SUPping a lot, you probably have a killer body by now including a sexy sixpack. Time to show off those abs and triceps you’ve been working on. Sun’s out, guns out! uses cookies for an optimal website performance and social-media -and advertising purposes. Third party cookies are being used to provide you with social media functionalities and personalized ads. For more info you can read the Jobe privacy statement. We assume you accept our cookie policy if you continue to use our website.