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NEW: Toronto Jet Long John for the warmer days

15 march 2019
Our last blog article showed you what D30 exactly is and why you can be ruthless with it. What we didn’t tell you is that this successful impact reducing technique is now also included in the new Jet Long John!

Closed cell technology: perfect for watersports
D3O® helped us for the best solution for our wetsuits. It’s a protective gear for in and on the water so it’s really important that the water transportation is guaranteed. You don’t want to carry water between the protection and your body. Due to closed cell technology it also has the guarantee that it has a longevity in the water. It will never soak any water.

At the same time this makes the foam panels lightweight. The foam panels are soft and smooth which makes sure you can go ruthless.

Toronto Long John
So, what’s new?! You will probably ride your jet ski on a beautiful sunny day and when doing so you want to stay protected. That’s why we have developed a long john with knee and shin protection. The long john also has an improved fit and Velcro closing. Covered in a combination of full stretch neoprene, you are free to speed up and cross the borders. Every millimeter of the full stretch neoprene makes there is no other way than being ruthless on your jetski.

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