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Stay warm and dry!

 When it comes to our wetsuits, we always try to innovate to make your experience on the water even better. A great example of these innovations is our Aqua Killer Technology!

The Aqua Killer is a special quickdry thermo fabric to help keep you warm and dry. So, how does it work?
Well, it’s easier than you would think. The water on the inside of the wetsuit gets sucked out of the first layer of the suit and runs downwards because of the gravity. The result: a wetsuit (or vest) that is warmer, dryer and much lighter because it doesn’t hold any water. This makes our product with Aqua Killer perfect for multiple sessions! No issues of putting on a wet wetsuit the next session.

Another advantage is that this technology doesn’t affect the flexibility of your wetsuit or vest. This means, you can still tweak out a trick or get in that hard yoga position.

The Aqua Killer technology is featured in our Aspen and Yukon 5/4/3 wetsuit and our Heat Dry Comp vests (for men and women). It runs through the whole suit or vest, so the water can’t hold anywhere in the suit and will always be flushed out. Perfect for multiple sessions and good for all weather conditions uses cookies for an optimal website performance and social-media -and advertising purposes. Third party cookies are being used to provide you with social media functionalities and personalized ads. For more info you can read the Jobe privacy statement. We assume you accept our cookie policy if you continue to use our website.