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The Jobe High Pressure pump

Inflatable stand up paddleboards are extremely fun to use and very easy to transport, store and to travel with. When using an inflatable SUP, it’s important to know how much PSI your board has to be inflated. PSI stands for pounds per square inch, this will tell you how much is needed for optimum performance with your SUP. PSI for inflatable SUP’s can vary from 10 – 20 PSI. The High Pressure pump from Jobe inflates up to 20 PSI to make sure you are able to perform. If you don’t inflate your board hard enough, it will flex in the middle and it can’t hold the proper amount of weight for its size.

With a normal foot pump you can’t get enough air pressure in your inflatable SUP. Consequently it will be very unstable to use. With The Jobe High Pressure pump you will always get your board inflated to the proper PSI. uses cookies for an optimal website performance and social-media -and advertising purposes. Third party cookies are being used to provide you with social media functionalities and personalized ads. For more info you can read the Jobe privacy statement. We assume you accept our cookie policy if you continue to use our website.