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Jobe SUP Wish List now online!

22 december 2014
Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again. Despite the snow being absent in many countries at the moment, Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer is coming our way to spoil us with Christmas presents. To make sure Santa knows what to get for you, we’ve created a Jobe SUP Christmas Wish List!

1. Jobe Aero SUP 12.6

The Jobe Aero SUP 12.6, the paramount of all inflatable SUPs. This beast of a board comes in a package, making sure you have all the essential pieces of gear you need on your first Stand Up Paddle trip. A high-pressure pump makes sure you can inflate your SUP to that 18-20 PSI mark. The waterproof carry bag protects your SUP from scratches, while the aluminum paddle gives you forward momentum. The perfect Christmas gift!

Jobe SUP Wish List now online!

2. Jobe Impress Beach Bum 3/2.5

Extra thick Christmas sweaters aren’t exactly ideal to show your girly curves during Christmas. Want to look smoking hot during these cold days? Get introduced to the Impress Beach Bum 3/2.5. This short wetsuit gives you an instant boost in hotness while wearing it on your summer surf trip. Get yours while they are still in stock now!

Jobe SUP Wish List now online!

3. Jobe SUP Cart

Tired of dragging your SUP through the sand or have a backache from carrying that large hardshell SUP on your neck? Get a SUP cart before the season is over! A set of wheels to put on your SUP, which transforms your normally-not-so-transportable 12.6 into a SUP you can walk a marathon with.

Jobe SUP Wish List now online!
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