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Paddling at night

22 februari 2018

Paddling at night? This is what you need to know.

So…You have decided to paddle in the evening. The air is cold and crispy, you don’t have enough light on the water... Still, it can be awesome and peaceful out there. And with the right light, SUP can be a magical experience. It truly brings an extra dimension to traditional stand up paddling and can be a great adventure for mind and body.

However, like with almost all night activities you need to do it safe. Here are four tips before you start your night discovery.


Paddling with friends is always a good idea, two pairs of eyes see more than one. Of course it is fun to take your friend with you but at night it is also a safety net. You have someone with you, who protects you in case of an emergency.


It is dark at night, so a light is a necessary thing! At some locations bringing a light is not only preparation, it is required by law. When paddling at night, you must have a flashlight or lantern onboard that produces a white light. Paddlers are also required to have a PFD and "sound-producing device" on their vessel at all times. We also highly-recommend wearing a leash at all times.


We do not recommend to go out by yourself on the ocean by night, it is too unpredictable. However, calm water, a lake or haven is a perfect location for your paddle adventures in the night air. Check the hours and rules at your location to guarantee night-paddling is accepted


Before going on the water you have to set out an evening paddle tour. Check the weather reports to prevent you get trapped in bad or unpredictable weather. Inform family or friends at home about your plans plus the time you expect to return. Plan an user-friendly tour for an evening paddle so you do not have to challenge yourself.

So, bring your friend, light, find the perfect location and plan a nice tour, let’s go night paddling!

Paddling at night
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