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SUP-yoga has changed our lives and it can change yours too

Why SUP-yoga works for everyone 

1. It’s truly a full-body experience.

You'll work your legs, your feet and your arms. Your feet are your central connection to your board, so think about your feet as your roots. You engage your legs for even more stability, so make sure to put a slight bend in the knees, and avoid stiffening up the lower half of your body. Don't think to much. The act of paddling comes from the core but you use your arms to create moment with every paddle stroke.

2. Stand-up paddleboarding is for beginners and pro's

Start with the beginning, if you've never been on a stand-up paddleboard, don’t be discouraged. Paddle boards are extremely stable and we've built for you to balance on them: try the Lena. Your instructor will know how to get you up on the board and show you the proper ways to paddle for momentum, how to stop, and how to turn.

3. You'll work your core more than on the ground

Expect to engage your core! Your abdominals and therefore your core is superimportant for proper paddling and avoiding any discomfort in your lower back. Tight these muscles the whole time, on the water is this harder than on the ground. By engaging the muscular energy in your core, you'll not only tone your muscles but will develop a lean body and strengthen your muscles. 

4. It's relaxing.

Savasana, or corpse pose - lay on your back with your palms to the sky - on the paddleboard will be the best savasana of your life! Ending on your board in savasana on the stand-up paddleboard is nothing short of amazing. Imagine, for a moment, lying quietly on your back, floating with movement on the water with fingers dangling in the water and a warm breeze brushing over your body as you listen to your waves.

5. Don't be scared.

Expect to fall in! Why? Because we have the opportunity to play, and with playfulness comes the ability to let go of our fears and try something daring. The great part about falling in the water is... REFRESHING. 

Stand up Paddle Yoga is yoga that is practiced on a stand up paddleboard. Instead of practicing in a studio, flows & poses are done on a paddle board on the water. What type of yoga you prefer is dependent of your flow the given day. We will guide you through different aspects - Next week we focus on the base of yoga: your breath.

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