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Team Barefoot Holland Jobe Blog I

As we have already announced in the previous newsletter does team Barefoot Holland participate in the European Championships in Austria. They will keep us up to date by means of writing a blog every few days. Below you see already the first blog we have received from them.

The summer has finally started with the Benulux nationals two weeks ago and now the main event the European championships which are being held in Wallsee, Austria this year. The championships sees top skiers from as far as South Africa competing for the title, with representatives from over 20 countries. With the sun shining on the water and with the other teams arriving, the team began their first day of training behind the 8.1 litre Sanger DX2.Jumping was the order of proceedings this morning with the team setting a marker for fellow competitors watching. With the complete Jobe team being represented, Mathijs Zielman and Eddie Smit from Team Holland and Ryan McDonald from Team Ireland, the team are hoping to have a great competition. Everyone is looking forward to the first day of official practice tomorrow and we will let you know how it all goes.

Greetings Team Barefoot Jobe

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