Jobe SUP Pomp 12V Product ID 410017203 $ 129.99 Lees reviews
Jobe SUP Pomp 12V
Jobe SUP Pomp 12V

Jobe SUP Pomp 12V

Product ID 410017203
$ 129.99
Lees reviews
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Jobe SUP Pomp 12V

Market only leading SUP pump that can reach 20 PSI output pressure and fast deflation function. Fast two stage low to high pressure inflation to prevent constant over heating. Sturdy construction, ideal for outdoor use and drop-stitch fabric inflatables. Extended alligator clips cable for longer reach and convenient use with car battery. Hi-Volume air flow for quick inflation or deflation needs. Broad range of pressure setting from 1 to 20 PSI max output pressure. Dimension 29.5x13.5x16 CM
  • Dimension 29.5x13.5x16 CM
  • 3 m/9.8 ft cable
  • 1.3m/ 4.2ft hose
  • 12V pump
  • Car battery alligator clips cable
  • Cigarette lighter connector
  • Fast two-stage low-to-high pressure inflation
  • Ampere: 12.23A
  • Up To 20 PSI/ 1.4 Bar
  • Airflow: 9.2 ft3/min, 260 Liter/min


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Jobe pump

Itís terrible itís so loud and slow to pump it up 😩your better off getting the conversation for your sup for a airline fitting and pump it up with a 12v car compressor cheapest option ✌️With a 12v compressor I blew a loader tyre up in 5 min at 40 psi like wtf all the tech you Carnot blow a 20psi 😭
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Hose burst

The pump in it self was very nice but very loud and takes a long time to pump up the SUP, but hose burst after using it less than 10 times.
$ 1,799.99
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Levertijd: 3 - 5 werkdagen
  • 9FT6INCH
  • 10FT11INCH
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