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We think innovation

The inflatable SUPs of the Jobe Aero series are one of the lightest boards on the market.

We design our stand up paddle boards according to the latest construction methods and production techniques. The two PVC layers in the inside contain one of the most important innovations:

The bottom and upper layer of the SUPs are extra strong due to the fact that they are pre-laminated. Thanks to that renewed technique it is not necessary to use glue to add the second layer of reinforced PVC on the first.

The ‘inner’ layers are held together by an uncountable amount of nylon threads which is called the drop-stitch technology and give the board its form and makes it easy to deflate the board, to roll it up and transport to the place of your choice.

Current weight of the boards:

SUP Board weight

SUP Board weight
Lika 9.4           7.2 KG
Yarra 10.6       9.0 KG
Duna 11.6       9.3 KG
Neva 12.6       9.5 KG
Lena 10.6       10.0 KG

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