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Stretch before you wakeboard

9 march 2018
Stretching can help keep your muscles flexible. Stretching before a wake workout is crucial for preventing injury as well as improving performance. When (and how) you stretch your muscles can make or break your goals.


- Lift your chin straight up and forward until you feel a good stretch through the front of your neck. Hold this position for about 5 seconds and then repeat a few times.
- Lift your chin you can tilt your head a bit right and left to stretch the muscles on each side of the front of your neck. Tilt and hold each side for 5 seconds and repeat a few times.


- Make a fist in both hands and do small circles clockwise. After a few seconds of small quick circles increase the size of the circle slowly until you are fully extended into a large arm swing of fiery.
- Put both hands behind your back and intertwine your fingers in one another. While holding your hands together extend both arms and try to lift them behind you.


- Sit on the ground, hug your bent knee and pull it up toward your chest. So if you cross your right leg over your straight left leg wrap both arms around your bent knee and then pull it toward you. You should feel a stretch up your hip, low back, and butt. Hold each side for 5 seconds and repeat a few times.


The only thing to do now is to get the blood flowing and muscles reacting by jumping and jogging in place.

So now you’ve done your warming up you’re ready for the good part of life; waking up.

Stretch before you wakeboard

Maxine Sapulette is wearing:

Jobe Sofia Shorty 3/2MM Wetsuit Women Fury Red - Jobe Impact Vest Women - Jobe Morph EVO Sneakers Red Women - Jobe Armada Wakeboard Coral Red  - Jobe EVO Base Pirate Black  - Jobe EVO Skins Pirate Black 
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