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How much calories do you burn on a SUP?

9 september 2015
A fun way to stay fit

Stand Up Paddling (SUP) is a perfect way to stay fit. It is accessible for everyone and it is available everywhere: you can either explore the waterways of your city, local lake (or river) or you can go and conquer the waves of the sea. Different types of environments with different ways to SUP them. This also means there are many different levels of SUP-intensity that make you stay fit!

Different amounts of calories burned for every type of SUP

For those who are wondering how much calories you exactly burn during your SUP trip we made a cool infographic. It contains the amount of calories that you burn in one hour when you practice your favorite type of SUP. For comparison: the amount of calories burned when practicing other sports is also included. Next to the intensity-level of the type of SUP, the amount of calories burned also depends on your weight and gender. For instance, men burn more calories than women. Do you think that’s unfair? We know. Fortunately Stand Up Paddling is also a lot of fun so it is definitely not a punishment to go that extra mile!

Check out the exact amount of calories in the infographic below. The next time you join your friends for a SUP trip you will definitely impress them with this knowledge! Want to have a closer look at the infographic or the 2016 SUP collection? 

How much calories do you burn on a SUP?
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