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How to clean your SUP-board and maintain its value

4 january 2018
2018 is here and it’s time for a real fresh clean sleet. You should always take care of your SUP-board, to keep it awesome and to maintain its value for the years to come. We’ve set up a list for your to give your board extra attention, so you can ride happily into 2018.

1. Board in the sun

Sunny side SUP is our motto and won’t keep you from your fun in the sun. However, it’s important to realize sun rays can be harmful to your board. Sun increases the risk of delamination because the fiberglass of the board is being seperated by the EPS foam core.

• Don’t store your board in the sun but in a dry place without heavy temperature fluctuations.
• Don’t store your board nearby a heatsource.
• Don’t store your board nearby sharp items, or store things on the board.
• Don’t lay your board on hot asphalt in summer.
• For inflatable boards: first dry the board with a towel, deflate, roll it up and use its waterproof bag to store it somewhere save.
• During your paddle, switch between sun and shadow when possible.

2. Wear and tear: (prevent) holes or cracks in your SUP

After every paddle adventure, inspect your SUP-board for damage or other forms of wear and tear.

• If you have a non-inflatable SUP, always use a railsaver to protect the sides of your board. Railsavers are included in all Jobe SUP-board Packages.
• If you have an Aero SUP and you find a leak use the repair kit included in all Aero sup – packages. Follow these easy steps.

3. Be aware of surroundings

Salt, asphalt, heavy winds & waves, rocks and extreme surroundings can speed up the process of wear.

• Be aware of the environment en switch often between surroundings – like from sweet to salt water.
• Avoid waters that hide sharp natural things like docks and rocks. Sounds simple, but we’ve learned that waters can be unpredictable. Prepare yourself.
• Be as sharp as those rocks and pay attention to warning signs.

4. Remove your fin please

We are convinced our boards are strong and can handle almost everything, but only when the user takes care of his or her board. One of the most common problems of users we face is the fin on land - problem. Children jumping on it while the board lays on the beach with the fin installed, or people using our SUPs as a soft chair by sitting on it – with the fin being pressed into the ground. All these things mentioned are totally fine, but remove the fin first. Relax afterwards.

5. Use a SUP - leash

We extremely recommend to use a leash at all times. It helps you not only to keep your board close to you, it prevents your board from drifting off and slamming into rocks and docks or other debris in the water. For most SUPpers, we recommend a 10’ coiled leash – coming with all Jobe SUps.

6. 2018 tip: a major overhaul

Give your SUP-board a major overhaul once a year. Take some basic household oil or WD-40 and lubricate all the metal pieces of your board (including the fin and all other removable pieces) and let them rest for a while. All the pieces are made of waterproof material and don’t rust, but oiling them will keep them working well and protects the components against harsh environments. Just a little extra extra because your board deserves the best.

7. Accept!

And lastly: accept! Life will happen to your SUP. After all, it is a sport object. But if you keep the above mentioned guidelines in mind, you’re board’s life will be extended and you will maintain its value for all years to come. 

Ready for 2018...SMILE!

How to clean your SUP-board and maintain its value

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