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No winter blues

7 october 2016
 No winter blues

No one wants to wait till the summer to get out on their SUP. With the right equipment, the frigid waters will be no match and you can hit the water safely at any time of the year. Assuming you’ve got the board and paddle covered, you just need the right equipment. Crazy?! No way.

Three reasons to SUP in the winter.

1. The nature is GORGEOUS. Nothing is prettier than paddling in the winter, let alone the fresh air. Breath in…
2. Summer means salads and fruits. Winter means… Craving for sausages, potatoes and butter. Your mouth loves it but the rest somewhat less… Don’t throw away your paddle body. Try combining paddling with cardio on the land, so you can shine all year long.
3. Winter depression? No way! We know it’s tempting to snuggle away on the couch, close to the bonfire and your furry friend. But this, my friend, is de-energizing. Sporting outside will recharge you, even more than the sporting itself. When you come home and take a hot shower, you will feel G-R-E-A-T. And then it’s finally time to pull your Snuggie out and put on your favorite Neflix-serie.
4. Keep the cold outside and the warmth within with these full-suit options. Why you should paddle in a full suit? Read it here

Yes. Those are snowflakes. Enjoy!
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