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Tips to stay fit during December

16 december 2015
Christmas is around the corner! Everyone’s gathering with family and friends and will celebrate Christmas with their favorite treats. But what if you want to get through December feeling fit, healthy and ready to embrace 2016?
If you are one of those persons. We’ve got you a couple of tips to stay fit during the party season.

Stay active
It might be difficult to get outside and be active in December. Everyone has scheduled a great amount of social events and there’s no time left to work out. This is of course a big excuse! Because you can also incorporate time with family and friend by looking into an activity you can all enjoy: SUP.
So get on that paddle board and schedule an awesome sup tour for your friends or family. The 12.6 Aero and Bambo SUP’s are great for touring

Don’t skip meals
It has been proved that skipping meals can cause you to consume more calories in the end. So eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch before going to Christmas diner. This will make sure you don’t overeat and choose unhealthy options.

Sleep is the answer
Sleep is very important to function properly, you need to get enough sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep your energy level will drop. No energy, means poor food choices and skipped work outs.

Get your chakra back after a night out and do a quick yoga session. What better way to do yoga on a SUP outdoors right?!
You’ll feel re-energized after a sup session on our bamboo 10.6 yoga SUP.

Tips to stay fit during December

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