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Jobe's history and culture
The Jobe brand was founded by American water skier Jeff Jobe. In 1974 he started developing and selling plastic water skis in Redmond, Seattle. Over the years the Jobe brand continued to grow strongly and in 1988 a Dutch couple came in contact with Jobe. They began importing water skis at this time, and it soon became clear that these products were in high demand. The company of that time 'Sport en Recreatie Den Bol' experienced a great growth and finally in 2008 the Jobe brand name was definitively taken over from Jeff Jobe. From that moment on, Jobe Sports was a fact.

Based in Heerewaarden, the Netherlands, Jobe Sports has always been a true family business and the company continued to grow tremendously even after the official brand takeover in 2008. To continue that growth, Jobe Sports has been part of Alliance Marine Group, based in France, since April 2022. Alliance Marine Group has about 20 companies in their portfolio with locations throughout Europe. Despite this acquisition, Jobe's organizational culture is still characterized as a family business and we are extremely proud of that!

'Getting you on the water' was created by the passion for water sports of the couple that brought Jobe to the Netherlands. Whenever they went out on the water, they were always busy getting other people on the water as well. The enthusiasm of others for water sports has been passed on for years to employees and everyone around them and is really in Jobe's DNA!

Jobe's culture is our success. Started as a small import company and grown into one of the biggest watersports brands in the world, but maintaining our family culture. That is what we are proud of! We therefore feel it is important that our colleagues can identify with and embrace this culture.
The Jobe brand code
The Jobe Brand Code was introduced in 2016 and is our guideline to present our brand, our company and our employees. The guidelines of our brand code make sure we eat, sleep, breath & repeat the Jobe brand values 24/7. Moreover, it gives us a clear view and guidance in who we are as a brand, which we have to stay true to.

We are authentic.

We are who we are, we are Jobe! And we’re proud to be Jobe.

The Jobe Brand Code consists of seven individual passwords which define the core values of our brand. It’s our DNA! The seven passwords and the meaning of these passwords will be described below.
Jobe equals FUN! From new products we develop, designs we make and putting these products in the hands of our customers; everything is done with a big smile! Having fun on and off the water is important and the reason Jobe exists. Bringing these fun inspired water sports products to the world is what we love doing.
We are a brand for EVERY water sports enthusiast out there! This is reflected in both product assortment and communication. Why? because we don’t want to be an unattainable brand. We want to be close to the consumer and be able to interact. We are always open for feedback and input.
We continually develop products that can improve everyone’s performance at any level. By actively developing new products we keep the market alive and show that we, as a brand, are committed to constant innovation. We don’t think in barriers, but are always seeking new and innovative tools to use in both product design and other facets of our brand.
At Jobe we believe you should always do your very best to make the most out of your life. Enthusiasm can move the world, and this is exactly what we try to achieve every day. Motivating you to spend as much time on the water with your family and friends while involved in any type of water sports is our ultimate goal.
We are a brand with a young spirit! We produce and invent products to let people enjoy their inner child. Because once a child, always a child! And a child on the water has even more fun! We use both stylish product and graphic design to address the young generation. We believe that youth is the future!
We feature a broad collection with high-quality products. Quality and Excellece, is very important for us as a brand and must be guaranteed continuously. This does not only apply to our products, but also to the service, systems, knowledge and employees we work with. We always strive for excellence.
From origin we are a Dutch brand. However, we have grown a LOT the last couple of years. We are now an international brand, distributed around the world! This is why we always communicate in English with our consumers. We communicate a brand with an international character! However, we still possess the Dutch sobriety.
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