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An interview with Steven Akkersdijk

25 agosto 2014
An interview with Steven Akkersdijk
This is the first year Jobe is sponsoring kiteboarders, one of them is Steven Akkersdijk who is going through an amazing season so far..

Hi steven, could you tell something about yourself for the people who don’t know you?

I'm 21 years old and travel around the world for most of the year. Trying to spend my summers in Holland/Europe and winters in the warmer countries. On my trips I love to be busy with sports like Kiteboarding, surfing, wakeboarding and longboarding.

First of all, how did you get addicted to Kiteboarding ?

Kiteboarding gives you such an immense freedom, not only in every direction on the water, but also into the air. We are not bound by a cable that pulls us in one way, or a boat that somebody else drives. With kiteboarding you make your own way and that freedom makes it so addictive.

You are pretty new to the Jobe team like all kiters, What made you join Jobe?
There has been a huge change in the kiteboarding world with the switch from riding straps to riding boots. With these we have more control at our take-off and landings, this allows you to ride with more power and go higher. I was in search of a brand that would support this change in kiteboarding. Jobe is this brand, they are open for input and already have good gear to build on.

You can be seen shredding the liberty boots all the time, what do you think is so good about the bindings?
The Liberty bindings provide my feet and ankles with stability and comfort. I really enjoy the inner lining we have this year. As a kiteboarder I have long sessions, sometimes for 2 hours straight without taking my boots off, so a good fit is very much appreciated.

Who was your role model when you were little ?
I always loved the fact that you could go big with kiteboarding and one of the guys that always went big was Ruben Lenten. Funny fact that I was standing next to him on the podium with Redbull King of the Air half a year ago.

What is your favorite spot to Kite, and why ?

Workum, the Netherlands is the most fun spot to ride for me. I used to teach on this spot for 4 years and have a lot of friends there. We always ride with a group of friends what makes it so much fun to go out, we all push each other to try a new trick or go just that little bit higher.

Is there a place where you dream of kiteboarding there ?

I would still love to go to Indonesia. There is a lot of good waves there and even more small islands with no people on it. Would be awesome to just get a boat with a small group of friends and do a trip there. Unfortunately I believe the wind is not to good.

In what way does Kiteboarding influence your life ?

In almost every way, it honestly is a way of life for me. Kiteboarding influences my travel plans, work and most of all my agenda, as I schedule around the wind.

What do you like to do when you’re not on the water ?
I can't sit still for a long time so you won't see me laying on the beach or anything like that. Instead I like to cruise a bit on my longboard or have a drink with friends.

What do you consider as your biggest achievement so far ?
For sure getting 3rd place at Redbull King of the Air, this is an event with the best riders in the world. It was so unreal to be kiting against the guys you were always looking up to.

What is your ultimate goal in kitesurfing?
I have never been such a big competitor, I ride because I love to ride. In time I would like to create my own style of riding and living, and bring this to the people in the form of movies and stories in magazines.

Do you have any other dreams which are not about kiteboarding?
Almost all my dreams have one thing in common.. Water. Since I have been in Capetown last year I fell in love with surfing. Would still like to do a surf only trip, just go from spot to spot in a small van full with friends and gear.
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