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Exclusive Interview; Declan Clifford

30 noviembre 2010

Jobe: Good afternoon Declan, how are things in the UK today?Exclusive Interview; Declan Clifford

DC: Hey Yer, things are good here in the UK. I still ride as much as
I can but it’s getting cold. I think it’s time to get away and go into
some sun.

Jobe: Any particular took place lately you want to inform us about?
DC: I won ten pounds on a scratch card ha ha, and became the
KING OF CABLE 2010 at Princes Club in London.

Jobe: Haha, huge jackpot men! For how long have you been a rider?
DC: I have been riding since I was about 13, so 5 years I guess.
I can't remember the time I didn't ride.

Jobe: How did you start out?
DC: My step brother who is a few years older than me had a boat and we used to knee board and ski behind it. My mum brought us a wakeboard to share, a metamar with bindings for £169. We didn't know anyone who practiced wakeboarding. After a while my brother sold his boat, so we headed to WakeMK Cable. I was hooked from the beginning!
I don't think there has been a weekend that I haven't been on the
water since.

Jobe: Nice to hear men! Are you studying, working or fully
focussed on your wakeboard career?

DC: I am focusing on my wakeboarding the most but do a
little bit of work to save for competitions, training and general
messing around a.k.a (partying).

Jobe: Enjoying your live! You did an action photoshoot with
Jobe for the new catalogue a couple of months ago tell us
about that.

DC: Oh that was fun, its always good to hang out with the rest
of the Jobe team. The cable was awesome and also had a flow
rider - we had a lot of fun on that. We got some great shots for the
new catalogue, had a good time and got to try out all the new 2011
gear. I really enjoyed our visit to Jobe HQ too. It was good to see
what happens there and meet all the people behind the scenes
at Jobe and put Exclusive Interview; Declan Clifford faces to names. We had a really great time.

Jobe: Just curious, what is your favourite trick?
DC: I have lots of tricks I love to do but the funnest has to be double S bend to blind.
It feels so good because it’s a big and a hard trick to do.

Jobe: How does this trick work?
DC: it’s an off axis 720 with a back side 180 or a double S bend with a back side 180. I suppose thats how you would describe it.

Jobe: Do not know if it’s much clearer, but nice try ;p! Are you
a naturally competitive person who trives on contests, or do you
see the events as more of a way of travelling and getting to see

DC: Both! I am a competitive person and want to do my best at everything.
Moreover, on competitions and events we usually just have a good time and encourage one another. I do enjoy travelling, and wakeboarding has taken me to many places in the world. I also met some really great people along the way, which is nice to!

Jobe: Can you even remember the first time on a wakeboard?
DC: I guess it was on the shared board that I had with my step
brother behind his boat. I got up straight away but didn't know any
tricks. We just went round, ha ha.

Jobe: You have to start somewhere ;). A whole other thing, you
are in de Jobe / Jstar wakeboard team for a while now, did you
make any good friends within this team?

DC: Yes, this will be my third year within the Jobe / Jstar team.
Oscar has been great. I really enjoy riding with the team and we
always have a lot of fun. CK looks out for me a lot and pushes
me to ride harder. Top Lad!

Jobe: What is your current set-up?Exclusive Interview; Declan Clifford
DC: I am riding a BRIGADE 141 with LIDBERG bindings. (yummy)
Such a sick set up love it.

Pick one and tell us why:

Single or Girlfriend: not sure yet still trying it out LOL. However,
if having a girlfriend gets in the way of riding then I'm single all the way.

Cable or boat : I am a born and breed cable rider. I like boat but
nothing beats riding the cable all day trying new tricks with friends.

School or work: School because I like messing around with my friends (and learning of course haha).

Summer or winter: I like both because in summer I can enjoy the
competitions, sun and lots of riding. However, I also like winter
because I go to hot places, meet lots of new people and get to see
the world.

Friends or family: I love them both but friends come and go,
family is for life :)
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