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Exclusive interview; Jack Moule

15 enero 2010
Jack Moule is a very talented PWC sponsored rider of Jobe. With only 15 years of age he has already won many championships and participated in many events. Jack is a very motivated person and is willing to learn a lot more than he is already capable of.

We spoke to Jack recently and did not want to withhold you the result of this interview.

Exclusive interview; Jack Moule
JOBE: Hello Jack, How are you doing?
JM: Good thanks.

JOBE: How long have you been riding and how did you start out?
JM: I’ve been riding about 3 years now, I started jet skiing when my dad introduced it to me.

JOBE: In 2008 you became the youngest winner ever of the UK national championship at just 14 years of age!!! How did that felt?
JM: Yer that came as a bit of a shock, I was not expecting it and it took a while to sink in. There were loads of great riders but I rode really well and performed all my tricks cleanly.. Now I’m training to improve my riding even more and learning even bigger, better tricks and hopefully get some more titles this season.

JOBE: You are studying at school right? How do you combine that with you PWC carrier?
JM: Yer I am at school at the moment, it’s my last year now so I won’t be there much longer, but at the moment I usually ride at the weekends.

JOBE: A time ago you were on BBC news. Tell us all about that!!
JM: Well when I won the double at the Nationals, the BBC asked if I would go to the BBC studios in London and go on BBC Breakfast TV, since that I have done quite a lot of TV stuff and radio work and been in loads of newspapers. Its been cool.

JOBE: You have to be very popular at school. Do you already have screaming girls in front of your house?
JM: I’ve got loads of mates, no screaming girls outside the house yet, but you never know what the future holds…

JOBE: What is your training scheme and on which location do you train?

JM: I don’t really have a training scheme, I just have fun with my riding but I like trying new tricks and making the old ones perfect. I do most of my training at Nitrojet Action Sports Lake in Oxford.

JOBE: What is your most favourite trick and why?
JM: No handed barrel role, just cause it’s a sick trick and hard to get perfect and I’ve got it sussed.

JOBE: Do you have a PWC hero?
JM: I would say Eric Malone.

JOBE: What is your relationship with the Jobe brand?
JM: Sponsored Jetski rider

JOBE: Have you set some future goals for yourself?
JM: Well I am going back out to America next year, for the world finals and I hopefully will win it.

Exclusive interview; Jack Moule

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