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Exclusive interview with Jobe rider Mathijs Zielman

11 marzo 2010
Exclusive interview with Jobe rider Mathijs ZielmanMathijs Zielman is a member of the Jobe barefoot ski team for a couple of years now and he is one of the best barefoot skiers of his category. Mathijs is a very motivated young guy who trains a lot to improve his skills.

Recently, we had a short chat with Mathijs Zielman about his life and we didn’t want to withhold you the result.

JOBE: Hello Mathijs, how are you doing?
MZ: Hello Jobe, I’m fine thank you, I’m looking forward to the skiing season. I am going to USA Florida in may and I am training for the worlds in Germany (Berlin).

JOBE: You were very young when you started barefoot skiing right?
MZ: Yes I was 6 years old when I started barefoot skiing.

JOBE: Your are still in school. What do you study and what is your favourite subject?
MZ: I’m doing an engineering study to design cars. My favourite subject in this study is sports ;-)

JOBE: How did you discovered barefoot skiing?
MZ: I was bored of skiing on 2 skies and I wanted to do something new. That’s why I tried to ski on my bare foot and it really worked out for me.

JOBE: With who do you normally train?
MZ: I train with my coaches and my team. Arno (my dad), Eddie (skier) and Jan (drivers) are my coaches and they support me throughout the year.

Exclusive interview with Jobe rider Mathijs ZielmanJOBE: On days that you do not ski, how do you spend your time?
MZ: Most of my spare time I spend with my buddy’s to relax.

JOBE: Your father is also really into sports. Tell us something more about that?
MZ: My father has a good history in sports. He was a professional in motocross and he trained every day like I do now.

JOBE: How would you describe the feeling when you are barefoot skiing?
MZ: I am doing my thing and feel loads of adrenalin going through my body.

JOBE: What is the best contest you’ve ever entered?
MZ: European Championships in Wallsee Austria.

JOBE: What are your best results in the past years?
MZ: Became second of Europe in my class, and third in the class above 18.

JOBE: Have you set future goals for yourself?
MZ: I want to improve my skills and I will try to win every match that I can win.

JOBE: Thanks for the answers Mathijs!! Would you like to thank anybody or do you have something else to say?
MZ: It was a nice chat and of course I want to thank my sponsors and my coaches.
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