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How to choose your kneeboard

31 mayo 2016

Let out kneeboards introduce themselves to you.
                                              How to choose your kneeboard

I am quick & maneuverable.
And super flexible. I got a sidewall & a blended core so we can make it a wild ride.
If you dare.

                                              How to choose your kneeboard

I am stable and grippy,
Due to my channels and molded fins.
My shock straps and DBL density absorb your shock like no other. I
can handle even the roughest session.
The question is: can you handle me?

                                              How to choose your kneeboard
I’m smaller than my brothers
Which makes me suitable for awesome spins and turns.
Let’s say, I am a perfect board for beginners and intermediate knee boarders.
I got the beauty and the brains;) Wanna bet?

                                              How to choose your kneeboard
I am easy to start
because of my tow handle hook to connect me to your boat.
I have a parabolic twin tip for maximum lift and smooth transitions.
Let’s shock the waters together.

                                              How to choose your kneeboard
I am renewed with a state-of-art design in black or green.
I have a tow handle hook and will give you a playful feeling.
They made me with an ergonomic seat pad you’ll be able to continually ride comfortably.
Are you ready to play?

                                              How to choose your kneeboard
I will make your starts easy with a tow handle hook.
Molded fins make me grippy.
I don’t mind going backwards or forwards because my tip and tail are the same.
I provide you with extra stability and traction to continue your winning-streak.

Down on our knees we’re begging you. Choose us, and choose wisely.

See you on the water - Jobe
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