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Jet ski special: why you need to jet ski too!

6 abril 2018

Why jet ski is the hottest watersport around

Want to know why you should jet ski if you're already a motor-lover? Or how to start jet skiing? Find everything and more in this article, written to celebrate the introduction of the first preshaped jet ski wetsuit ever: the Jobe Detroit Wetsuit.

 It's the perfect extension for motor-lovers!
Are you a motorrider and convinced you had the ride of your life; switch between your two monsters. Motorcycling is cool. Motorcycles embody non-comformity and independence. Why? Because you're strolling around ona 600lb, 1200cc rolling, rumbling sculptures, giving a hard chromed middle finger to.. who ever you like. They are the polar opposite of the automobile - that safe and sterilized, seatbelted, airbagged, sanitized-for-your-protection vehicle of the masses. Riding a bike sets you apart from the rest. It says "I will not be a lemming, slowly rolling towards my grave in a tin coffin with cruise control and ABS;). In our experience, jet skiing gives the same feeling of freedom and the same blowing feeling of the wind against your helmet. But for those who standing on a jet ski, it feels like a refreshment in a slightly other way than on the road. Are you ready for a switch once in a while?

2. Fun!
Secondly, because it’s absolutely fun. Whether you’ve got family fun or friendly rivalry, jet skiing is a great way to bring everyone together. It’s the excuse to get your loved ones or friends on the water – and (if you have them) your kids into the fresh air.

3. Healthy exercise.

Third of all, it’s good for your health due to all action which gets your heart pumping, bringing more nutrients and oxygen to your tissues. Jet skiing might look easy but riding a jet ski requires good balance and coordination, skills that you can pick up pretty quickly when doing regularly. You’ll notice an improvement in coordination as well.

4. Your personal Uber.
Jet skis are perfect to explore and discover the waters and coastlines. The coolest is that, once you’ve found your perfect spot, you’re jet ski can stay into the water while you enjoy a cold drink with friends on the beach.

5. Shake of stress.
Shake of modern-life stress when being out on the sea or inland waters.

6. You look bad ass.
Jet ski special: why you need to jet ski too!

I want to be a (fire) starter! What do I need to start jet skiing?

  • A jet ski
  • A wetsuit
  • A life vest
  • (In some cases) a license. In Jobe’s originated country – Holland – you do need a ‘Klein Vaarbewijs’ to ride (certificated by the CBR) However, in other countries they mostly aren’t so strict. If you’re 18 or older, you can mostly drive everywhere. Check your country and cities’ conditions online previous when going on the water.
  • Accessoires like gloves, glasses and neoprene boots.
  • A helmet.

Jet ski special: why you need to jet ski too!

Are you already a jet ski lover....?

Meet the Detroit: The most advanced suit ever.

Inspired by the motor industry – we’ve introduced this year’s innovation the Jobe Detroit Preshaped for men we try to make a change in one of the thoughest, fastest and funniest watersports: jet ski. This streamlined soft suit is the first pre-shaped D30 wetsuit ever made, for support while standing and improving performances. The unique technology of D30 panels offers serious shock absorption. This techniques make sure you are supported during your ride, help you maintain your standing position and protect your body against rain and shocks.

Jet ski special: why you need to jet ski too!

Ready for the real work? Win the Detroit!

Send in one sentence and win the Jobe Detroit

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