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Jobe partnered up with the Clean Boating Organization

19 agosto 2021
We’re living in 2021 and one of the most important topics of this moment is the ongoing pollution of our planet. Our wildlife and nature is being threatened more than ever and this also concerns our own playground: the water.

Approximately 100.000-150.000 tons of plastic waist is floating in our oceans which has a very bad influence on the sea life and the quality of the water. This made us realize that we have contribute in making our waters clean again.

We’re happy to tell you that we took our first steps in the battle against the polluted water. We partnered up with the Clean Boating Organization!

This organization was founded in January 2021 by a group of 5 people who all share the desire to clean waters. The Clean boating organization was found in Cala D’Or, Mallorca, and focusses on this region in the starting phase of the project.

This local organization aims at reducing the amount of plastic litter in our seas by targeting and involving the pleasure boating community and the many charter vessels around the island of Mallorca, to get involved and play a vital role of picking up and removing plastic from the sea.

By realizing this goal, the Clean Boating Organization actively promotes the following activities:

1. Getting boaters fishing for plastics

Boat owners that support the campaign will be issued with a clean boating net and a bucket and they will be informed of the locations of the special bin in the marinas for plastic litter.


2. Involving beach activists

The Clean Boating Organization organizes beach cleans. This activity encourages support from local people and holiday makers to get involved and to be ‘beach activist’. Contact the Boating Organization to get involved and they will provide T-shirts to those who partake, and document the event by taking photos and videos for uploading to the Clean Boating website, Facebook and Instagram Pages


3. Creating awareness campaigns

Informing and reaching the Boating community and the wider public is vital in order to gain the support to make the work of this campaign effective. The Clean Boating Association continues to drive the campaign forward by creating videos for social media and Palma Airport video displays, publish articles in inflight magazines and boat magazines to stress the importance and urgency of the situation and give the message that with everyone’s help we can achieve greater impact.


Jobe has donated buckets and nets to the Clean Boating Organization and these sets are given to the members of this organization. Great steps for cleaning up the waters of the beautiful island Mallorca, and a nice opening to grow further and focus on more and more waters and locations!

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