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New to the Jobe wakeboard team: Tony Iacconi

19 marzo 2020
On the 12th of March we’ve announced our newest member to the Jobe wakeboard
team: Tony Iacconi. We are very happy to have him in the Jobe team. He is really a
top notch athlete, with world titles on his name and we share a common goal:
getting more people on the water.

But who is the man, the legend?
Time to get to know Tony a little better.

Go give it a read….

Tell us a bit more about yourself?
I’m 23 years old. I grew up in Newcastle, Australia but now live half of the year in Orlando Florida! I just recently got Married, we just bought a house together and are moving into that soon with my dog Tika and cat Turbo.

New to the Jobe wakeboard team: Tony Iacconi

Why are you riding for Jobe?
I am riding Jobe at the moment because I love what the brand is about! The product is awesome! It’s a great team of people behind the scenes that I am working closely with and Jobe and I both want to grow the sport!

Which setup are you planning on riding?
I am riding the Breach board with charge bindings.

Any other hobbies next to wakeboarding?
Dirt bike riding Wave jumping jet skis, boxing.

New to the Jobe wakeboard team: Tony Iacconi

What are some of your best competition results?

- 5 time australian nationals champion
- 2nd world championships 2018
- 3rd world championships 2019
- 1st place US national championships
- 1st place factory pro
- overall 2nd World Series 2016
- 3rd World Series 2018

New to the Jobe wakeboard team: Tony Iacconi

If you have to name one signature trick, what would it be?
That’s a tough one, wake boarding has some crazy trick names already but I feel like spins should be called Helicopters 😂( 720=double Heli, 1080=triple heli)

What’s your home spot where you ride?
I ride on the Williams river and Lake Macquarie at home in Newcastle. When I am in Orlando I live on Lake Conway.

You’ve travelled all over the world, what has been your favorite location to wakeboard?
My favourite place to ride would be Yarrawonga, Victoria. It’s a super cool lake with a ton of dead trees throughout it. Makes for awesome photo and video.

New to the Jobe wakeboard team: Tony Iacconi

What’s the best thing about the pro-life?

Getting to hang on the boat all day doing what I love!

Any plans this season in terms of comps/projects?
I will be competing on the whole word series and pro tour this year and really want to grow the social side of my career and fly around to different spots spreading my love for wakeboarding.

How are you getting people on the water?
So the last couple of years I’ve just recently started doing a lot of coaching and I am loving it! Being a part of the Jobe team lines up huge with what I am doing with my Wakeboard school, Ti Wake Academy. Myself and Jobe are all about "Getting people on the water!!" nothing beats the feeling of landing new tricks or getting up on the board for the first time, being able to help people achieve this is a feeling like nothing else!

We’ve created an athlete page for him on our website, where you can find his bio, set up and social media channels.

Tony gets you on the water!
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