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Select your Wakeboard!

29 agosto 2019
Boards come in different shapes and sizes and we’ve covered this a few times but a friendly reminder always helps! So we’re going to take you through the following steps:

• Core
• Rocker
• Outline
• Size

With the core, we’re referring to the belly of the beast, meaning the inside of the board. Boards use multiple materials to create a core which is where it all starts with a board. Just like all good thing, our cores come in three different types.

Foam Core
A foam core is the traditional core with which it all started with! A traditional foam core was the go to, core back in the day but nowadays we see these in boating boards. The reason for this is easy; their lightweight, they soften up the landing more and are stiffer for more control.

Full Wood Core
If you ride a Full Wood Core, chances are big you like to wear oversized hoodies and spend your days at the park, that’s right the Cablepark! Full Wood Core is the way to go when you are a real park rat who likes to ride the park and its obstacles all day long! The advantage of full wood is that it’s very durable but it also has a nice and predictable flex pattern for pressing all day long!

Hybrid Core
Best of both worlds, although often overlooked! A hybrid core is a wooden core which has 2 thick foam stringers running in the middle. This makes for a lighter board then a full wood but a board with more flex then a traditional foam core. Looking for response, flex and light board? Then a Hybrid is the way to go!


Continues Rocker
A Continues rocker brings speed into the game and is a fast as can be, all while giving a more forgiving feel.

3-Stage Rocker
A 3-Stage Rocker is loved for its aggressiveness and pop! This tends to be ridden by riders with a bit more experience. The reason why it is loved is also the reason some people dislike it; it can be too aggressive.

Hybrid Rocker
Why not both? A hybrid has speed and pop, combining the favorable character parts of both the continues and 3-stage rocker. The best of both worlds for those who want it all!

With the outline we mean just that the outline of a board which also is equivalent to the surface area of a board. If you look at all the wakeboards on the market from a top view perspective they all look different and for good reason! The outline of a board is an important one but something a lot of people don’t take into account. This is most noticeable if you look at the tip and tail of a board, some boards run wide while other tip and tails run more narrow giving a more tapered look.

Wide vs Thin
So the big difference you need to know is what the difference between a wide versus a smaller board, does for your riding. A wider board is something we see more for the park rider that likes to ride obstacles. The extra width makes for more stable landings and presses on obstacles and has better floating capabilities but does tend to slow a board down once you start edging. You can probably guess it, a board which runs thinner has more speed on its edges while having a little less surface area for landings. Boards which are thinner tend to be the weapon of choice for boat riders and the cable rider who likes the old school inverts. They tend to need more speed while edging and want a board which is a bit lighter.

This is what the hype is all about nowadays: board size! Some say, bigger is better while riding a board which is twice their own size. Yup the cable rat loves a bigger board and for good reason! A bigger board has more surface area making landings stable and improving its floatation capabilities to make it a breeze to ride the park all day long. The classic boat rider still has the tendency to keep the board a bit smaller for more airtime and a lighter board.

It’s a lot to take in right? We get that and in order to make it even easier for you to make the right choice. Underneath you’ll find an easy-to-use, no nonsense overview of our board range. Making it crystal clear for you to make the right choice!

Select your Wakeboard!

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