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What pump to use for inflatable paddle boards.

21 agosto 2019
Our Aero SUP boards are inflatable. The name says it all! These boards are lightweight strong and stiff because of the Heat Bonded Technology we use. As we believe in our products, our sup boards come with a 3 year warranty after registration.

What PSI (pressure) should my inflatable paddle board be?
All Jobe boards can be inflated up to 20 PSI. However, we’ve tested our boards and they still perform and are stiff enough when you inflate up to 14 PSI.

We offer 4 different pumps, for SUP board inflation, in different price ranges and ease of use.

1. Double Action Pump
This pump has been specially developed for SUPs and is built to last. With the plug inserted it performs double action, by releasing the plug it transforms in a strong single action pump to finish the job. Equipped with an aluminum shaft, adapter, nylon carry-bag and replaceable built-in pressure it inflates up to 27PSI.
When you buy a SUP board package, this pump is included in the package. This is our most budget friendly option, but also is the most work intensive pump. It will take 7-8 minutes pumping. Great warm up, before you start paddling.
What pump to use for inflatable paddle boards.

2. Triple Action Pump
This Jobe triple-action SUP pump is designed to inflate SUPs to pressures of up to 20 PSI fast and easy! It features two 3,5 liter double action cylinders, a pressure gauge to keep control and a Halkey Roberts nozzle to fit all Jobe Inflatable boards on the market. The Jobe triple-action SUP pump has three different operating modes to keep inflation easy at any stage: Double action on 2 cylinders quickly inflates your SUP up to 5 psi. Single action on 2 cylinders lets you inflate your SUP to 10 psi at moderate speed. Single action on 1 cylinder to inflate your sup to a maximum of 21 psi with minimal effort.It will take approximately 5 minutes inflate. Because of the triple action, pumping is less intensive.

What pump to use for inflatable paddle boards.

3. SUP Pump 12V
From now on you can start your work out on the water instead of on the land. Our 12V SUP pump makes life so much easier. With a fast two-stage low-to-high pressure mechanism Jobe's SUP pump inflates your SUP up till 20 PSI. Easy to carry an easy to use with a car battery alligator clips cable & cigarette lighter connector. It will take approximately 12-14 minutes to inflate. Save yourself some sweat, and go for easy of use.

What pump to use for inflatable paddle boards.

4. Portable electric air pump with bag
This electric air pump will make your life easy with a battery powered system. Take your new portable friend everywhere and pump up your SUP up till 20 PSI in 17-20 minutes, and deflate the board after your discovery. Comes with 4 different nozzles and a handle for easy carrying. With the Portable Electrical Air pump you can save your energy for what matters: paddling. This pump comes with a heat shielding protective bag to protect your pump from water, hot sunlight and impact damage. The bag has an easy exit point for the hose so you can pump your sup from within the bag if needed.

What pump to use for inflatable paddle boards.

Which one do you choose?
Go for a warming up or chill, it’s your choice.

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