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No stress: 7 Times how to put on Your (Steamer) Wetsuit

1 noviembre 2017

No stress: 7 Times how to put on Your (Steamer) Wetsuit
Ever struggled with putting on a wetuit? Of course you have. Everyone has been there. When you try to slide the neoprene over your damping skin, it sticks, making you look like a pinguin fighting with its own skin. To make waterlife easier we have a few tips. Putting on a wetsuit doesn’t have to be daunting.

To make waterlife easier we have a few tips. 

1. Put on your neoprene socks first, gloves afterwards.

Put on your neoprene socks first and your gloves afterwards. Saves time and you don’t have to pull up the ankles of your wetsuit again.

2. Upgrade your wetsuit

An extra stretchy suit is easier to get on than a ridged one.
We use only full flex neoprene (the feeling of a wetsuit that feels like a cardboard on your skin is our worst nightmare). Still, we distinguish certain differences in what we call stretch.

- Regular neoprene.
Normal flexible neoprene. Perfect for day-to-day watersports that do not require a lot of flexy moves. This wetsuits are medium-flexible and very strong, though, and are therefore perfect for rental locations , where there is continuous pressure on the wetsuit. You’ll find these kind of neoprene in our basics like the Atlanta.

- Full stretch neoprene. 

One of our designers stood up and said: you can never have enough flex & stretch. After a long search the first wetsuits with the most flexiest and luxurious neoprene where born.. These wetsuit are perfect for flex leg-in-neck moves, like with wakeboarding. You’ll find this super stretchy neoprene in our Steamers, in the Portland, Perth, Victoria, Vienna, Sofia and SUP-wetsuits. Super comfortable, easy to get in and out and suited for all watersports..

• Tip! These heavy duty wetsuits have a slant ankle opening for easy entry.

3. Use water as a lubricant to help get your suit on

If it’s not too cold, jump in and put your suit on. Water from a shower or hose can put water in your suit, making it easier to slide into your suit.

4. Have your buddy help

Hi buddy! Make use of your partner and have him/her pull up the back while you pull up the front.

5. Make sure your wetsuit fits properly

Not only will this keep you warmer, but it’s really hard to put on a wetsuit that’s too small. Take into account sizing tables or go to your local store to help you advise and have a professional help you find the right size.

6. Best way to put on your wetsuit: the steps.

- Roll your wetsuit up
- Step inside
- Put your ankles through
- Pull the suit up over your legs. Carefully, pull on the fabrics on your legs and do not pull at the upper side.
- Now, pull the neoprene over your hips and put one arm in the neoprene sleeve.
- Then, carefully pull the chest.
- Push your second arm in.
- Close the zipper.

No stress: 7 Times how to put on Your (Steamer) Wetsuit
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