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Jobe Steamer wetsuits Fall/Winter ’16/’17.

Imagine watersports in every type of environment, no matter its temperature. Cover yourself in neoprene and be amazed by mother nature.

Experience the white wilderness of elemental forces: snow, ice, water, rock. Oh my! It’s stunning…

We love to cover ourselves in neoprene, to go on adventure in winter wonderland. Nothing makes you feel more alive than to practice watersports in the cold with a steamer on, with the sun on your bare back. Embrace the cold, put on a steamer.

This year we present our advanced collection of steamers; it’s pure technology. Endless lakes and endless good looks, we’ve got you covered. In neoprene.

Meet the Jobe steamer fall/winter collection ’16 and ’17.

Yukon 5/3

This wetsuit can be defined as the thickest in the range and takes industry standards to a whole new level. The drainage thermo-covered inside keeps the heat and loses the water! All seams are covered with neoprene tape on the inside to guarantee maximum strength and to block all water. The Yukon 5/3 is extremely flexible and soft. Armed with detached ankle straps and a silicon aquablock-print on the chest-zip to prevent water from getting inside, you are ready to face all weather conditions. Can’t wish for more!

Aspen 5/3

Brr.. Aspen keeps you warm with a maximum of 5mm neoprene. The added drainage thermo keeps the heat and loses the water. Aspen is the thickest women wetsuit in our range but is still super flexible. The suit doesn’t simply looks good, it feels good too due to a comfortable stitch construction and neoprene tape on the inside. Equipped with a chest zipper and many other technical features to prepare you for all different kinds of weather types and water temperatures.

Yukon 4/3

This cold water wetsuit with back zipper for easy entry has a neoprene shield behind the zipper to block the water. The inside is covered with drainage thermo-fabric from head to toe, for extra warmth and comfort. The Yukon is loaded with new technologies to kick ass on the water.

You see? 
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