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2022 stand up paddling is here!

24 januari 2022
We’ve been active in stand up paddling for a while now. In fact, in 2022 we celebrate our 10th anniversary of developing stand up paddle boards!

Back in 2012 we started with developing stand up paddle boards and Jobe had only 1 board in its total stand up paddle range.

During the years we haven’t stopped with the further development of our inflatable stand up paddle boards.

Where we started from scratch, we now have a wide range of boards which absolutely belong to the best of the world.

Our boards are designed with keeping one thing in mind: giving our consumers a premium experience on the water. And for achieving that premium experience we’ve stacked our boards with innovations and upgrades.

Our 2022 collection counts a total of 11 different boards divided into our Aero Series and our Premium Aero Series.

Our Aero Series contains 3 different boards which are perfect for entering the world of stand up paddling. These entry-level boards have a great value for money and will make you love stand up paddling! Despite being the base range of our collection, these boards are still one of the best on the market. We realize there are still boards on the market for half of the price, but a board that turns into a banana while standing on it will make you dislike stand up paddling within hours.

Our goal of guaranteeing the premium SUP experience is safe with an Aero Series board and we’re sure you will love the sport. Year after year. With the same board! It’s time to introduce our trio to you!

The Yama 8.6The best for your kids
With a length of 8.6 feet, this board is perfect for taking your kids along with you. A kids paddle is included for keeping a perfect ratio between the kid and its gear.

The Mira 10.0Allround, accessible and approved by many
One of our most friendly and accessible boards. Extremely maneuverable, lightweight and pumped up in an eyewink. Next up this board is one of our most price-friendly ones.

The Leona 10.6The best available, made accessible with allround perfection
Excelling maneuverability, stability and speed combined with a affordability. Allround perfection made for the masses.

Let’s go one step up. Let us introduce to you a range of boards for those who want nothing but the best. Let us introduce to you the Premium Aero Series! The lightest and stiffest boards in the market combined with premium products in the package. A premium experience on the water is not only reached with the board itself, but also with high-end accessories like a lightweight fiberglass paddle, which are always included in a Premium Aero Series Package.
Our Premium range contains 8 different boards:

The Yarra 10.6The Ultimate allrounder
One of our hotsellers, for a reason! The best allround board of our range. The ultimate balance between manouvrebility, stability and speed. Now available in two colorways: Teal & Steal Blue.

The Loa 11.6The family sup
One of our biggest boards and the most stable at the same time. That makes the Loa the ultimate board for taking your child or dog along with you.


The Duna 11.6The explorer sup
Another hero of our range: The Duna. An accessible board that is optimized for touring, while also being stability-friendly. You can’t go wrong on this one!

The Adventure Duna 11.6 The ultimate adventure sup
The Duna in a new jacket. Made for adventures. With a new buckling system and two matching bags for simplifying your adventurous tours on the water. An absolute gamechanger in the world of stand up paddling!


The E-Duna 11.6The electric explorer sup
This is something different. A SUP, a toy, call it whatever you want but this might be the coolest product we’ve ever developed. An electric driven stand up paddle board with an integrated pump. Taking stand up paddling to level 2.0.


The Neva 12.6The touring sup
Made for the ultimate tourers among us. Its streamlined design makes this our fastest board. If you are a paddler who want to make long distances, the Neva is your weapon of choice.


The Mohaka 10.2The allround sup with additional windsurf option
A stand up paddle board suitable for windsurfing but also usable as a great allrounder. Meet the Mohaka. Available with, or without a sail.


The supersized 15.0The party sup
Now this is something different. A stand up paddle board (or platform… ferry… island) made for multiple persons! This board easily holds up to 400 kilos which makes it perfect for taking your friends and family with you.


Need some extra help with choosing the right board? We’ve categorized our boards for different types of focusses. Whether you’re a kid, an allround or touring paddler or a family-loving stand up paddler, we always have something for you.

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