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Exercise makes happier than marriage.

Saturday-motivation: Exercise makes happier than marriage.

A recent Fidelity survey found that after paying off debt, the No. 1 thing that increases happiness is regular exercise, ranking above getting a promotion and getting married..

Additionally, a recent study out of Michigan State University and the University of Michigan asked 295 mental health patients if they wanted to start exercising more, and if they thought exercise improved their mental health.

Eighty-five percent said they wanted to exercise more and 80 percent believed exercise helped improve their mood.
According to www.mindbodygreen.com these are the two main steps to maximize obvious mental health benefits (science-backed).

1. Grab a friend.

It has long been known that exercising with a friend makes you more likely to stick with it, but a study released in October found that exercising with a friend also makes you happier.

2. Get outside.

According to neurologist Ilene Ruhoy, exercise creates a perfect cocktail of positive chemicals in our brains.

True health is a balance of mind & body, it matters.

Source: mindbodygreen.com

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