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Whatever your style is

Jobe believes everyone should be able to enjoy the water the way that suits one person’s own style. That’s why they created different SUP-boards for different types of needs. Every board has its own features and advantages so read on to learn which SUP-board suits your style!

Inflatable vs Bamboo
First of all, you have to think about which material-type of the board suits your needs. Jobe SUP-boards can be either inflatable or hardshell bamboos. Even though there is no notable difference in behavior on the water between the two, the biggest difference between them is mobility. It is easier to grab your inflatable SUP and discover the world as it fits in one backpack. Whereas a SUP made of bamboo has the advantage of not having it to inflate it every time you go out and enjoy the water. Therefore, the question you have to ask yourself when deciding between the two, should be about where and how often you want to use your SUP.
For example: when you have a lake house it’s easier to have a Bamboo SUP and when you live in the city centre in a small apartment, it’s better to buy a Jobe Aero inflatable SUP.

The city-explorer
Once you have decided where you want to use your SUP, it is time to think about what you want to do with your SUP. Whether you are a beginner who just started enjoying the waters or an advanced user: discovering your city centre is always a good choice! You’re in luck because you get to choose from two Jobe SUP boards that fulfill your need: you can take the 10.0 SUP or a 10.6 SUP. They both have great maneuverability and stability, the 10.0 being even more maneuverable than the 10.6, but the last one makes up for that in stability. The levels of maneuverability and stability make sure that they are perfect for shorter distances and places with lots of curves, for example the small canals that flow through the city center in your city!

The traveler
Do you prefer the green environments of Mother Nature over the architecture in your city? That most probably means you will be travelling less curvy water roads and longer distances. Therefore, Jobe developed a SUP-board that is perfect for these kind of tours. The Jobe SUP 12.6 and 11.6 series are therefore your perfect pick for touring. With its sharp displacement style nose the 12.6 SUP boards are able to make much more speed than the other SUPs, while the 11.6 series is a little bit slower but makes up for that with extra stability.

The all-rounder
When you want to explore every beautiful place our world has to offer, our 10.6 series SUP-board is your perfect companion. It is faster than the SUP 10.0 series, while still being more maneuverable and stable than the SUP 11.6 and 12.6 series. These features make it our most family friendly SUP-board, because everyone can ride it. What are you waiting for: go out and discover those new places, no matter if they are located in your city, the local river or on the magnificent sea!

The Yoga practitioner
Are you into yoga? Then we got the perfect board for you! The Jobe SUP 10.6 Yoga series is the perfect board to make you find your inner chakra. The board is made more wide and stable than other SUPs to ensure you can practice all your poses. Yoga has never been so much fun!

The surfer
If you are looking for some action on the sea and want the perfect board for every kind of wave, we’ve got you covered with the Jobe SUP 9.4 series. Its special design and great maneuverability make sure you can enjoy the sea and its waves to the max!

For more info on the Jobe SUP collection and all the different specs and details of the boards, you can find interesting product videos on the Jobe website. Here you can find every little detail on all the Jobe SUP models, have a look to see whatSUP!
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