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4 reasons why the Jobe Bamboo SUP 9.4 is your ultimate wave performer.

Explore, dream and discover new places. Our boards are designed for all sorts of adventures. Mysterious, wild and free; the ocean is one of them.

SUP wave boards are designed to paddle to a wave and surf. It’s one of the easiest ways to enjoy the waves. Their special shaped tail and nose makes them light and easier to turn when needed. They’re a bit shorter than the others, typically under 10’’, which makes them easy to handle.

What do you need for the real vitamin sea-experience? A Bamboo wave SUP 9.4.

1. A feather light honeycomb fiberglass thruster fin set-up makes the 9.4 highly maneuverable.
2. A kick tail gives you extra grip when you stand on the end of this board.
3. Perfect shape: you’ll find extra volume in the nose of the board; for extra floatability.
4. The short length makes it perfect to catch the waves and makes this board super maneuverable.

So, what are you waiting for? Join the oceanholics out there:) Find the full collection here.
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