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An introduction to the Yarra and Duna: Our most popular paddle boards.

3 mars 2022
The beauty of stand up paddling is something you need to experience. Words can’t describe how the calming water plays with your senses. Words also can’t describe the healthy impact of being outdoor. Being surrounded by nature. It’s something you need to feel, hear, taste, smell and see! We believe everyone needs to experience the intriguing feeling that water can give to a human being. Jobe wants to be there for everyone who wants to experience this feeling, in the best way possible.

Let us introduce to you two of our most popular boards for experiencing that feeling: The Yarra 10.6 and the Duna 11.6. This duo basically has everything in it for everyone.

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The Yarra is the perfect allrounder of our range. Whether you are going to conquer the sea, explore the channels in your town or hit the lake in a forest near you: The Yarra is always by your side. Thanks to its wide platform and round shape, this board has the perfect balance between maneuverability, stability and speed. If you are a sporty person who wants to have something for every occasion, the Yarra is what you need. Further below we explain you why our boards are worth every single penny.

Next to the Yarra we have another hotseller named the Duna, our explorer SUP. This showpiece is designed for the true explorers among us. Are you looking for an adventure? Are you always in for discovering new things? Start touring with our 11.6 Duna board. Thanks to its streamlined design and relatively narrow platform, this board is perfect for reaching high speeds without losing too much stability. And that makes the Duna a fantastic board for touring.

The Yarra or Duna is a solution for every type of paddler. The perfect boards for experiencing that special feeling we mentioned at the top of this blog. It is impossible to experience that feeling by words, but this might appeal to the imagination: Paddling through a flat lake that looks like a mirror, hearing the birds twitter, a fresh breeze through your hair and warm sunrays landing down on your face for a nice dose of vitamin D. You will feel like a new you.

And now comes the interesting part: it’s easy to experience this magical feeling. The missing link between you and this experience is only this bag.


Our goal is to get as many people on the water and therefore we want to make entering the world of watersports as accessible as possible. A Jobe stand up paddle package might be the best example of that. This bag has everything in it to start your new adventure. All these products combined in one bag makes this a super accessible product for everyone who wants to discover the waters. The Jobe quality and details of these products is what will make your experience on the water a premium experience.

But what’s in a bag? Let’s start off with the beauty itself: The board!
Besides the colors and the measurements, our premium Aero boards are made out of the same excellent technologies. And trust us, these technologies are excellent. The best in the market. All used to give you that premium experience. One of the most important technologies is the use of Heat Bonded Technology to secure you maximum stiffness. Without this, your board would transform into a banana when you’re paddling, which would results in low speed and a non-straight paddle direction. That is not a premium experience in our eyes.


Furthermore, the premium Aero series are stacked with technologies and specifications to make our boards the best boards in the world. That is also why we give you a 3 (!) year warranty on our boards.


Next up we’ve got the bag: A matching backpack that’s 100% waterproof with to the use of 850 grams PVC. Thanks to this material, the bag is ideal for taking along
with you and keeping your gear dry! The bag also has a paddle + pump holder, a front compartment for small goods and solid buckles for a tight closing of the bag.


Next up we have the pump. A double action pump that pumps to an impressive 27 PSI/1,9 bar. The first PSI’s are easy to reach with the double action function and the final pumps of air can be reached with ease by using the single action function. The PSI meter on the pump tells you narrowly the current pressure level of your stand up paddle board.


Now we have the paddle: We told you about the premium experience, right? That’s why we had to add a fiberglass paddle to this package. This carbon infused (20%) paddle has an excellent stiff/flex ratio. With a impressive weight of only 780 grams, you arms won’t give a sign of weariness after paddling. It’s about the small details to give your stand up paddle experience that extra touch of comfort!


Another essential is the fin! Paddling without a fin would send you to all directions except the right one: straight ahead. Recently we have introduced a new innovative system that allows you to attach your fin to your boards as easy as possible. Where most of the fins require screws and tools for attaching, our EZ-lock fin can easily be attached by placing the fin and pressing down the lock. No screws, no screwdrivers… Attach, click and go


Last but not least: the leash. The leash is provided to give you extra safety on the water. By connecting the leash to your board and ankle, the board will go nowhere when you fall of. Connecting the leash is done by using the thick layers of Velcro and the ankle strap has comfy cushions for comfy protection. It even has a small pocket put into it! Details!

Lots of products, specifications, technologies, but keep in mind: this all fits in just one bag! And that makes stand up paddling an accessible activity! A new story is waiting for you. It’s time to grab your bag and go.
By the way, did we already tell you that our stand up paddle boards come with 3 year warranty? Yes we did. But it’s too good to only tell you once 😉

Shop the Yarra 10.6 here - Shop the Duna 11.6 here.

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