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Differences in stretch in wetsuits and why you need to pay attention

16 maj 2017

Flexibility in wetsuits: it’s all about the material.

Why you should pay attention to the degree of flex of your neoprene? Riding your PWC requires less flexibility than performing a back roll to revert on your wakeboard. But no matter which one you choose, at Jobe we understand no one wants a wetsuit that feels like a cardboard.

We design all our wetsuits with the finest, most flexible neoprene around.

- Regular neoprene.
Normal flexible neoprene. Perfect for day-to-day watersports that do not require a lot of flexy moves. This wetsuits are medium-flexible and very strong, though, and are therefore perfect for rental locations , where there is continuous pressure on the wetsuit. You’ll find these kind of neoprene in our basics like the Jobe Atlanta Wetsuit and Jobe Savannah Wetsuit.

- Full stretch.
One of our designers stood up and said: you can never have enough flex & stretch. After a long search the first wetsuits with the most flexiest and luxurious neoprene where born.. These wetsuit are perfect for flex leg-in-neck moves, like with wakeboarding. You’ll find this super stretchy neoprene in our Jobe Steamer Wetsuits, in the Portland, Jobe Perth Wetsuit, Jobe Victoria Wetsuit, Jobe Vienna Wetsuit, Sofia and SUP-wetsuits. Super comfortable, easy to get in and out and suited for all watersports.

Women Wearing Jobe Sofia Wetsuit
 Men Wearing Jobe Wetsuits

Jobe Flex Wetsuits
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