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Find the right speed for wakeboarding

19 mars 2021
The weather’s nice, your wakeboard setup is good to go and you’ve got someone who is willing to drive the boat for you. But you’re looking for that "sweet spot" in the speed to make the best out of your session. No worries, the Jobe team is here to help you and your driver get the right speeds dialed in. Off course, the preference is always up to the rider but here are some guidelines to help you determine the right speed. That way, you can work your way up to determine which speed fits you best.

IMPORTANT: Speed is essential! The faster you go, the cleaner the "wake" of the boat will be.

19 km/h – 24 km/h | 11.8 mp/h - 14.9 mp/h: Entry level riding

When you start off with wakeboarding, you want to start off nice and easy. Which is why a speed between the 19 up till 24 km/h is perfect to get you out off the water easily. Start off, as low as possible and work your way up easily. You will find more "whitewater" at lower speeds which will make it harder to try tricks but is perfect for learning to ride.

Don’t worry if you’re struggling, you can always slow it down more if you choose.

25 km/h – 32 km/h | 15.5 mp/h - 18.6 mp/h: Comfortable ride

This is where a lot of riders feel comfortable when it comes down to riding. And these are the speeds which you need to get your jumps and tricks in. Especially at the end of the spectrum (around 32 km) is where you will find a clean and consistent wake which makes it better for bigger flips and spins.

You’ll see that around the 32 km/h (20mph), the wake is going to be more clean and consistent.

33 km/h - 38km/h | 20.5 mp/h - 23.6 mp/h: Send it!

If you eat double half-cab rolls for breakfast, then you’ve done it: You’re a pro! Riders who ride at these speeds are advanced and can send it! It’s not a speed at which most people feel comfortable but it’s really for the more advanced riders who want to send it. We recommend that you always keep your level of riding in mind once you go at these speeds, as a "good ol’ front edge" is always a possibility which you want to avoid.

Know you know the basics for hitting the water but it’s always good to communicate this knowledge with your driver as well. Always make sure you can communicate with your driver with some simple gestures as well (to indicate your speed preference for instance). And although you might think you’re about to turn pro, always be realistic about your level of riding. You don’t want to end up in a "wakeboard fail video" now do you?

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