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How to improve your Yacht experience with a pool

17 juni 2020
How to improve your Yacht experience with a pool

While enjoying the peaceful sea life it’s important to be fully relaxed. Yachting holidays often tempt you to go for a swim in the sea, but the underwater sea life can bring some uncertainties with itself. Think about all kinds of fishes, or even worse… (dangerous) jellyfish.

You don’t want your relaxing swimming session getting disrupted by these unwanted animals.

Another unwanted – and very current – problem is the enormous amount of plastic waist which is currently floating in our oceans.

At last, the Infinity Pool will guarantee that your children wont float away in heavy currents which can appear in the sea. The pool will always stay attached to your yacht so there’s always a safe swimming area near you.

For keeping your swimming session care free, we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

The Jobe Infinity Pool

“Create your own swimming area with this 4x4m inflatable sea pool which is easy to attach to the platform of your boat. The 2m deep, mesh net will keep the (jelly) fish and plastic waist away. Go for a Care Free swim.“

Besides giving you protection in the water, the Infinity Pool comes with a lots of benefits and accessories which will make your life easier.

Firstly, this product comes with a portable pump which inflates your Infinity Pool in 10 minutes! Just attach the hose to the valve and let the pump do the work. No struggles with long wires and power plugs.

Net + Weights
The pool also comes with a big safety net and 4 3.6kg weights to make sure the net keeps its square shape and 2m depth. The measurements of the pool net are – just as the pool – 4 by 4 meters.

12 big D-rings are added to the pool for easy and strong velcro connection. Also 4 small D-rings are added to connect the transom bumpers on the pool, to protect the pool from getting stuck under the yacht platform

Balast bags
4 balast bags are added at the bottom of the pool for perfect stability.

Swim ladder
Comes with a stainless steel easy click in swimming ladder. We’ve added rounded steps for comfort.

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