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Jobe Signs Marc Shuster

17 januari 2013
Last November, JOBE already presented its International Sponsored Athletes Team, including not only riders from wake, but also ski and PWC. JOBE continues to work hard at getting a dominant position in the wakeboard market. Last season a complete new wake range was presented and big names like Efi Levi, Rocco van Straten & Julian Cohen were signed to strengthen the JOBE team. The latest addition to the International Team now, is Marc Shuster!

Marc is a 22-year old rider from cable park “Ski Rixen” in Deerfield Beach, Florida. After his introduction to the sport in 2003, his first professional victory came in 2005, when he won his first major competition in Budapest, Hungary as Boys World Champion. By now, Marc is a former IWSF World Champion and has placed top 5 in the World in the WWA rankings for the last 4 years. Currently, Marc is actively involved with pushing the international wakeboarding tutorial website WakeHelp.com as much as he can, as well as training hard for next season. Besides that, he continues to “work like an animal” and “looks forward to being teammates with JOBE riders, and friends, like Julian, Austin, Declan and Efi”, says Marc. He continues: “For me getting signed by JOBE is a way to work with like-minded individuals who are all in this sport for the same reason; to have fun, sell product and help make some of the best boards and boots in the industry”, says Marc.

Jobe Signs Marc Shuster

JOBE too, is pleased with the addition of Marc to the International Wakeboard Team. “I am very happy with the fact that we have been able to contract Marc”, says JOBE’s Marketing Manager Henk van der Werf. “He is a popular rider already, not only in the U.S. but Europe as well! Marc has proven to be a world-class rider, in addition to also having a very strong work ethic and professional attitude in the wakeboarding industry. He’s a great representation for the sport and a perfect match for JOBE.’’

Besides adding Marc to the International Wakeboard Team for 2013, JOBE has also signed fellow “Rixen” local Diego Barragan Shaw to the U.S. National Wakeboard Team! Diego is currently 22 years old and can be found riding, coaching and going BIG at the cable park almost daily.

Make sure to check back with JOBE’s website for more information on Marc & Diego: www.jobesports.com!
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