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Premium products for a premium day on the water

10 februari 2022
This one is for those who are looking for the premium experience while being on the water. Those who’d like to be surrounded by nothing but quality and those who won’t go for anything less. We’re going to show you the showpieces of our most popular watersports categories. With these products, your day on the water will rise to the highest level.

A day of fun on the water just needs a towable. Our full range of towables consists of all kinds of towables, from affordable entry-level towables to the high-end towables to give you that experience of full excitement. The outline of the towables are optimized in its aerodynamics, streamed lines and ultimate outcomes for maximum speeds. Whereas the look and feel of the tubes are made of high quality materials. It is a collection that lives up to the utmost performance in a product of a comfortable feeling while being able to test your gear to its limits. On top of that, these innovations are complemented in the printing and artwork of the product to elevate its aerodynamics. Strengthened by a strong color pallet and fresh patterns united in the whole Jobe collection. The trust in our towables is characterized by the 3-year warranty (after registration) we give you. Have a look at some of our premium towables that absolutely belong to the premium ones of our range. These will bring your boating day to the highest level.

Top right to top left: Rodeo - Tribal - Sea-Esta
Bottom left to bottom right: Lunar - Revolve


The safest and most comfortable ride on the water is brought to you with our Fragment vests. The Jobe Fragment vest offers the best of both worlds in terms of comfort and safety. The separated foam panels in combination with the soft and flexible supreme stretch fabric gives you maximum freedom of movement while the 50N ISO certification makes sure you will stay afloat at all times. We’ve got a nice selection of colorways for both man and woman.

The fitting of our vests is based on our ‘Perfect fit’ technology to guarantee you… Guess what: A perfect fit! Let us tell you more about Jobe’s perfect fit

Jobe watersports life vests and buoyancy aid vests have a better fit than ever. The fit of every Jobe vest is based on scientific research (conducted by TNO, 2015), where people of all sizes and ages were measured and weighted to determine the optimal size for every body type. We took these measures to extend our size range. Every vest is then tested by an official certified institution to make sure it meets the highest quality, comfort and safety standards. A size for every body!

Let’s move on to wakeboards, the most-used product behind a boat and favorite for friends and family. 2022 has seen the birth of a next-level generation in our product development. For this year, we raised the bar which resulted in state-of-the-art constructions for the best ride possible.

From left to right: Vertex Pro - Breach - KnoxVertex 

Another all-time classic is waterskiing. The product where it all began with for Jobe, back in 1974. Our current waterski range is the result of nearly 50 years redeveloping. The Jobe Encore is a prime example of what those years of development have brought. Carbon infused fiberglass, a 3 stage flex pattern and Backbone V tech makes this a professional sports waterski! For those who want nothing but top-notch gear. Another high-end waterski for more recreational targets is our Baron waterski. Top-notch quality without paying the top of the bill.


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