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The Neva – The tourer of our family

25 januari 2022
Let us introduce to you the ultimate tourer of our stand up paddle family: The Neva. A strong force which has been part of our range for years, for a reason!
This 12.6 feet long inflatable paddle board is characterized by its streamlined design. The pointed ends and the narrow width of the board ensure reaching high speeds on the water.


With a length of 12.6 feet and a width of 30 inch this inflatable is our longest and narrowest board of our range. So if you define yourself as a stand up paddler who likes to make long distances and see the most of our nature: The Neva is what you need.

The stability of the board is improved with the use of grip rails. Moving in a straight line is simplified with a grip rail placed vertically in the length of the board and a stability rail is placed at the end of the board for extra stability. These two extra features will make it a lot more accessible to make distance on an advanced-shaped board like the Neva.

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A great touring experience barely can’t be achieved without a board that’s great. Only the stiffest boards will keep its shape while standing on it. With the use of Heat Bonded Technology, this stiffness is guaranteed. An extra stringer on the bottom and top of the board give even more stiffness. With these innovations you will reach long distances while using your energy efficiently. A lightweight X-drop-stitching construction make this board light as a feather. X-drop-stitching is a technique which lowers the use of glue that saves an impressive 2 (!) kilograms on the total weight of the board.

A big anti slip EVA deckpad on top is provided for a comfortable surface while paddling and high-quality accessories will bring your stand up paddle experience to the next level. A lightweight carbon infused paddle is added to the package. Next up this package contains a pump, a leash, a fin and a waterproof backpack to carry the whole package with you! With a Neva inflatable stand up paddle package you’re ready to hit every water you want. It is one of the best inflatable touring boards in the world.

And we’re proud of that. We believe in our products and that is why we give 3 years warranty on every inflatable paddle board!


The ultimate tourers among us can’t be stopped by colder temperatures and are found on the water all year long. A wintery landscape filled with snow and a white sky can be absolutely breathtaking and the Neva is perfect for discovering the most out of this scenery. We’d like to show you an impression of the beauty of winter paddling. With the Neva ofcourse!

Shop and learn more about the Neva 12.6 here

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